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There are various natural methods for coping with back pain. There are a number of activities which are quite basic and require no external medical interventions. These include getting sufficient sleep, sleeping in a reclining position, swimming for exercise, exercising to loosen up core and hamstring muscles, stretching out tight muscles, yoga, meditation, and taking hot showers. Beyond these basic methods are other relatively simple methods of relief such as alternating cold then hot compresses on the back, getting a massage on stiff back muscles, and the use of ointments with capsaicin that serve to block pain transmitters.

Key Takeaways:

  • Back pain is very common and is a major driver of medical costs.
  • Natural remedies can go a long way toward alleviating back pain and reduce the need for medication or even surgery.
  • Simple, low-cost treatments such as yoga, exercise, hot and cold compresses and swimming can help to alleviate back pain if done consistently.

“Back pain was also more prevalent in adult women at 30.2 percent, compared with only 26.4 percent in adult men. In addition, the latest figures revealed that 40 percent of back pain patients seek help from their primary care physicians, while 40 percent visit a chiropractor and another 20 percent go to a subspecialist.”

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