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Frankincense is one of the commonly mentioned items in the Bible. Normally used in the Old Testament as an aromatic incense that was offered in the temple, the herb has many health benefits which many people might not know about. In fact, this herb was a part of the gifts that were brought to Jesus when He was born, and there seems to be more to it than meets the eyes. This having been said, it is worth to note that Boswellia extract has a number of uses apart from the fact that it has been used extensively in the production of perfumes, skin care and cosmetic products. Frankincense, however, has many other uses and one of them is that it can be used as a natural anti-inflammatory due to its powerful pain relieving properties.

The gum resin has been used for long in India and other countries in the east and doctors and researchers have come to agree that Boswelia extract can be used in the modern day to help deal with issues of inflammation resulting from multiple health complications. The herbal resin is a great remedy for ayurvedic healing considering that it can be used to treat different types of pain. To begin with, this natural herb has been used to relieve joint inflammation pain, gout and different types of arthritis. It has also been used alongside myrrh (commiphora molmol) to provide remarkable treatment for arthritis thus reducing both the inflammation and pain associated with the disease. Although there are many other conventional painkillers which have been used for this purpose, Boswelia extract offers a more natural and effective way for assisting patients struggling with inflammation and other different health conditions.


According to a study carried out by medical researchers, applying frankincense on the skin of people suffering from knee-joint inflammation results to 70% improvement of knee joint mobility while at the same time lowering the knee-joint swelling by up to 50% t0 60%. In addition, this treatment reduces the swelling frequency significantly. According to researchers, this herb from the Bible has active ingredients known as boswellic acids and these have a strong anti inflammatory action thus making frankincense an ideal anti inflammation herb. Researchers believe that these active ingredients works effectively to stop inflammatory white cells from penetrating into the damaged tissue thus deactivating hormones that are responsible for both pain and inflammation in people suffering from arthritis.

The ingredients also help reduce the size of the inflamed swollen tissues through the stimulation of cartilage growth. Boswellia extract or frankincense is a highly regarded herb when it comes to the treatment of joint pains. In addition, it has been found that this beautiful herb also helps increase the supply of blood to the inflamed joints to help in the repair of damages caused by inflammation. It has also been an active treatment for relieving fibromyalgia pain. It can be used as a treatment for other types of inflammations including that of the gut and carpal tunnel pain. It has been used to treat injuries suffered by sportsmen. There is every reason to believe that this gift of the garden has greater significance in the mind of God and ancient people especially as outlined in the Bible.