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What is vitamin-B complex?

Vitamin B complex, earlier days it thought to be a one single vitamin, but now it is classified into twelve water soluble compounds. Four of them can be produced by the human body and include PABA (para aminobenzoic acid), inositol, lipoic acid and choline. The remaining 8 compounds are not produced by the human body and they are considered more important to good health.

Sources of B complex:

Here are some additional sources to get vitamin B complex easier.
# Although prevalent in all foods, natural fruits high in vitamin B complex. Meat and all dairy products also have more amount of B complex vitamin.

  •  Dark green vegetables and leafy vegetables are also have high sources of B9 (folic acid).
  •  Cobalamin (B12 – This vitamin is essential to our body red blood cells) can be derived only from animal foods.

For this reason, more vegetarians are encouraged toward vitamin B complex supplementation.
B complex benefits & claims:

 B complex vitamins serve lots of health benefits. They work separately and together to ensure a healthier metabolism and helps to the body in utilizing and absorbing nutrients. Vitamin B complex helps you to maintain the outside cover of body’s nerve cells and also it assist in changing nutrients to energy.

 Together, 3 members of the vitamin B complex group cobalamin, folic acid and pyridoxine are helps you to reduce your blood pressure.  Research links vitamin B complex will help you to decrease in neural-tube defects and they’re associated with body immune function and also normal cell growth. This vitamin B complex also helps your body to produce hormone. B complex vitamin may also play an important role in fighting free radicals that result in signs of aging. Vitamin B complex is also said to be necessary for healthier skin, nails and hair.
These are some information and benefits about vitamin B complex.

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