Cholesterol Control [rate]

Contrary to the popular belief that fats are bad for our bodies, we actually need fat for normal body function. A major concern that nutritionist and doctors are struggling with is taking more fats than you need. Fats have high cholesterol level and when you take more than your body needs, the excess calories add up making you an overweight or obese. Certain essential body functions require fats, some of the important functions include:

  • Brain formation and development. Fats form the structural components of both the cell membrane and myelin. The human brain contains over 60% of fats. Myelin is responsible for insulating the nerve fiber in the brain which helps nerves carry messages faster. Fats also protect the brain and other vital organs like the heart from injury.
  • Provide energy. Fats and carbohydrates form the main source of energy in human body, when you have low levels of carbohydrates, your body breaks down fats to provide energy.
  • Regulation of body temperature or insulation is required to maintain normal body temperature. The adipose tissues composed mainly of fats insulate the body from adverse temperature particularly during cold season.

Fats also help the body absorb different types of vitamins in the digestive track. These vitamins including A, D E &K are vital in the body since they help in born formation, protect against diseases and in blood clothing.

Healthy fat versus bad fats

Having understood importance of fat in the body, how do you know what fats you need and which is bad for your body? categorizes the types of fats into healthy fat and unhealthy fats.  The unhealthy fats include:

1. Saturated fat are mainly obtained from animal products including red meat, fat dairy products like cheese, poultry, tropical plants, vegetable oil like coconut oil and palm. For a long time, all saturated fats have been linked with life-threatening diseases like obesity, Alizhermer’s diseases and heart diseases. In contrary, some like coconut oils provide more benefits to the body than most healthy fat types according to.  Some of the few amazing benefits of coconut oil include:

  • Promote heart health
  • Promotes and boost loosing weight through healthy metabolism
  • Supports the health of immune system
  • Is a good source of immediate energy
  • Keeps skin young, healthy and youthful
  • Supports normal and proper function of essential glands like the thyroid gland

2. Trans fat is the other type of unhealthy fats. These fat occur naturally in most foods. They are formed through a process called hydrogenation or partial hydrogenation in which hydrogen combines with liquid oils forming solid fat. In their natural state, hydrogenated oils are healthy but manufacturers subject these oils to a complex chemical process to increase their lifespan and maximize profits at the expense of your health. The catalysts used in hydrogenation process are complex metals including nickel which make the oils harder, thicker and more dense with the following negative health effects as explained in

  • Increase the risk of heart diseases, stroke and other life-threatening diseases.
  • These fats are complex and cannot be digested in the body thus causes excess weight
  • They can clot your arteries since the body does not eliminate
  • The complex metals used in hydrogenation process is an additional risk factor.

Thus, to ensure your body gets the required fat without gaining weight, always consume healthy fat. This type of fat consists monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids. According to, the common sources of healthy fat include: fish, salmon, mackerel, sardine, soybean, nuts like butter nuts, trout
among others.



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