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Lavender Oil

When talking about lavender, most people are referring to essential oil delivering various health benefits that can really affect the body. This purple plant is usually turned into essential oils that can be used for bath drops, massage oil, or simply as the regular oil applied on a certain part of the body to improve relaxation and calmness. Lavender is believed to provide soothing and relaxing effects when used.

The Essential Oils

Most of the lavender products are available in essential oils as well as skin care products. The reasons why the plant is mostly used in the skin care products or oils is because it can seep into the skin and provide soothing feeling once applied. When used as massage oil, this particular oil can really make people feel calm and relax, which is good for their muscles and being free from any tension. When used as a bath drop, the warm sensation of the water combined with the soothing effect can make people stay calm although the have had full and busy days. If people just want to apply the oil on the skin directly, they can put the oil on the inside part of the wrists or behind the ear – similar to the way they apply perfume. It will immediately make them refreshed and energized.

The Heath Benefits

There are so many health benefits that people can get from using the lavender.

  • – The essential oil has this nice scent that would calm the nerves. If people have depression, anxiety, migraine, emotional stress, and headaches, they can try using the oil to be free from the issue.
  • – It can improve sleep quality and introduce deep sleep. People with insomnia can benefit greatly from the oil.
  • – The essential oil can also get rid of pain, such as tensed muscles, sprains, lumbago, rheumatism, sore muscles, and backache. That’s why lavender oil is often used as the massage oil to recoil the tension.
  • – It can also activate the urine production and flow. Since it helps controlling and restoring the body’s hormonal balance as well as reduce urinary bladder inflammation or cystitis, it can treat abdominal cramps as well.
  • – The lavender essential oil can help alleviating respiratory issue, especially around kids. Kids with asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, throat infection, cough, flu, cold, laryngitis, and sinus congestion can be treated with the oil. They can inhale the vapor or have the oil applied directly on the back, chest, and neck.
  • – The oil can also be used to care the skin since it has anti-fungal and antiseptic traits. People with psoriasis, inflammation, wrinkles, wounds, acne, burns, and cuts can be treated with the oil.

Despite all the great benefits of the lavender, people with sensitive skin and diabetes should stay away from the oil. Pregnant moms should also stay away from using the oil because it can cause allergic reaction as well as infection. Headaches, nausea, and vomiting are the most common signs of lavender side effects. It is true that this particular essential oil can bring loads of good stuffs, but people with certain condition or ailment should always consult their doctors first before trying the oil right away.