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It has been proven through various researches that people along with their children are drinking poison without knowing it if they are drinking milk of cows fed with rBST. rBST or Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin also known as bGH or Bovine Growth Hormone is used in most dairies to increase the production of dairy products consumed by most people. Though rBST is not considered harmful even by the FDA and other national agencies as it does not change the composition of milk but still several adverse effects on the health of the cows and the people drinking their milk are observed which has raised question on the safety of such milk.

Lactation cycle of dairy cattle is just like human moms. Mom cows start producing milk after giving birth to their young ones like human moms. Normally they produce milk for about 10 months which is normally used by everyone in his/her daily life. After that the cow has to prepare for several months to give birth to its next calf and this cycle goes on throughout their life unless they are unable to conceive anymore.


The body of all cows produce Bovine Somatotropin in a natural manner to produce their milk but many dairy farmers have started using various supplements to give additional dose of Bovine Somatotropin in the form of rBST to increase the production of their milk by 10-15 % daily. In this way dairy farmers can produce additional amount of milk from the existing cows without investing on cows, water, land and other resources by using rBST.

Though rBST is considered safe and effective by the FDA and other agencies for increasing the production of dairy cattle but still it can be harmful for you and you children who consume dairy products of the rBST fed cows fed. On one hand, rBST as protein is considered safe as it does not change the biological composition of the milk and on the other it cannot be recognized without testing it as BST is naturally produced by all cows. It can be digested easily by your GI tract by breaking into amino acids and other constituents. In this way it does not affect human hormonal growth. But human body does not recognize it, even if it can digest it, as the structure of rBST is not recognized by human receptors like that of cows.

Thus, the milk of rBST fed cows can increase the concentration of insulin like growth factor-I and possibilities of various diseases like mastitis in dairy cattle. These adverse effects can cause various health problems like cancer to the humans consuming their milk and other dairy products. Though enough evidences are not available to prove the adverse effects of rBST on human health but still it is necessary to buy only organic milk or read label of your milk carton before buying it to save you and your children’s life.