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Ascorbyl Palmitate is a fat soluble vitamin -c form used as an antioxidant food additive. This esterified vitamin C form is an exemplary antioxidant for the humans.This fat soluble vitamin is an alternative to ascorbic acid for humans. Palm oil and corn dextrose are the sources for the Ascorbyl Palmitate.

 This supplement is fat soluble so a little bit stores in the cells of the body for future use. The antioxidant property helps boost the immune system.

There are lots of benefits present in Ascorbyl Palmitate supplement. As this supplement is readily absorbed by the cells, the human body gets more benefits quickly. This supplement constantly regenerates Vitamin E by synergistic action in the human body.  This supplement is also used as preservatives of oils, fragrances and vitamins and oils. Excellent benefit is protection of teeth and this supplement gives strong support by protecting from scurvy disease. 

Health Benefits

It helps in collagen production as well as strengthening bones, hair and strengthens blood vessels.
This supplement helps in protecting from allergy issues in the body. Thymus gland is enhanced by vitamin C. Even the common cold length and duration is reduced with the vitamin C. It can enhance the healing of scar and fractures, improve gum heatlh, and increase the absorption of iron and folic acid. Also, Ascorbyl Palmitate help prevents stomach and colon cancer. It also helps reduce the toxic effects of acetaminophen in the  body.

If you are not taking some form of vitamin C, then consider taking ascorbyl palmitate daily. 

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