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Astaxanthin is a natural compound which belongs to the class of phytochemicals, also known as terpenes. An interesting fact about its name root is it is derived from a word meaning yellow leaves.


The first family of carotenoids was recognized because of leaf pigments. Astaxanthin is, as a matter of fact a pigment of reddish hue. The carotenoid family to which the compound belongs occur in natural settings in algae and it pigments a variety of seafood.

It is a pigment which has many properties among them having fat solubility. Orange color in many species make it clear it has high levels of this compound. The more intense the color the more concentration of the naturally occurring antioxidant.

Health benefits to the eyes

It helps to age-related macular degenerative disorder.
This is a condition which usually affects adults of an advanced age. It consists of of retina damage. Is presented in two forms, “dry” and “wet” and is considered one of the major causes of impairment and complete blindness in adults whose age is above certain range.

There are other benefits such as preventing Parkinson’s disease, strokes, ailments related to high cholesterol and cancer prevention.

Food sources.

It can be found in algae and because of this it is the main cause pigmentation in shrimps, lobsters, trouts, salmon and other type of seafood.
Human beings have been ingesting seafood since the beginning of time. Because of this brain size could increase and the development of tools and advanced forms of social forms could be established, Astaxanthin has helped individuals taking care of their eyes in a natural way.

Since it is an antioxidant, cells are protected from damage, also improving the immune system. Humans have been ingesting this naturally occurring compound in meals, in supplementation and as a preventive remedy.

For those who do not want to ingest foods high in astaxanthin, supplements are available too, providing a zero calorie alternative to consuming foods loaded with calories.  click here.

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