Immune System [rate]

Our bodies are constantly at war each and every day of our life.  Viruses and germs try to enter our bodies everyday. This is from simple viruses to complex and dangerous ones.  The body’s main area of defense is the immune system – it is always in the front line trying to control over our body.  Without the immune system, the body will be defeated by these viruses and will eventually die.

Even with the presence of the immune system in our bodies, we are at risk of contracting very simple infections and diseases that might easily be elevated and become serious illness.  This calls for us to know how we can increase and boost our immune system.

Are there ways to do this?  The answer is yes.  There are several things that you can do to boost your immunity.  One of the natural ways to enhance the immune system is by taking bee propolis.

Bee Propolis


Bee Propolis

It’s often called “nature’s penicillin.”  Bee Propolis have been used to treat colitis TB, ulcers and boost the immunity system.  It has been proven to destroy viruses, bacteria, penicillin-resistant bacteria and fungus.  It contains bioflavonoids which is a natural antibiotic.  It boosts the immune system by increasing the activity of the phagocytes. It’s also known to inhibit prostaglandin production and thereby stopping inflammation.

It’s good to note that bee propolis is taken from plants by bees and then used in the construction of hives.  Bees are believed to have adopted sterilization before even human beings could.  The most sterile place found in nature is the bee hive.  Propolis is responsible for neutralizing any fungi, bacteria or virus which enters the hive.  Propolis is also one of the most powerful foods found in nature.  It’s a highly complex mixture of resin, waxes, oils, balsams and small amounts of pollen.

Bee propolis is a waxy substance that is collected by honey bees that contains phytotonizides.  Phytotonizides are believed to contain immunity factors that when used internally stimulates the body and gives it natural resistance towards diseases.  Propolis is gathered from all over the world and kept in regulated temperatures to ensure maximum freshness.

As a supplement, propolis is excellent help against lots of bacterial infections.  It stimulates phagocytosis which helps whiteblood cells fight and destroy bacteria.  Propolis also helps in the reduction of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat and the mouth, halitosis, dry cough, ulcers, acne and tonsillitis .
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