Herbs [rate]

People from all walks of life are continuously looking for new ways to improve their performance. While sci-fi workouts and controversial hormones garner a lot of attention from the media, herbs are just as powerful, if not even more so and significantly safer as well. One of the herbs that have been rising in popularity is Eleuthero ginseng. This herb proves to be particularly useful to individuals that want to boost their energy and sharpen their mental focus as well. But the benefits that this herb has to offer isn’t limited to that alone, let’s take a deeper look into this all natural, yet potent herb.

One of the interesting facts about this herb is that, it was first discussed as a valuable medicine in a 2,000 year old Chinese herbal treatise.  As such, it is believed that this is were it originated from.
Eleuthero Ginseng
Nowadays, the root of the plant is used in a variety of preparations due to modern scientific research that has backed the claims that many Chinese residents have always proclaimed. Chemical analysis reveals that one of the reasons why this herb offers such a wealth of benefits, is due to the abundance of active substances that lies within it, most notably coumarins, flavonoids, polysaccharides and sterols.  Some of the other compounds that can be found within this herb, include: hyperine, sesamin, friedelin and syringin. Due to the the fact that Eleuthero is evidently rich in a wide variety of natural compounds, experts predict that future analysis of these substances, will reveal additional benefits that we may not be aware of as of yet. However, some of the benefits that it does offer have been documented.

Studies that have been conducted in China and Russia, which have been compiled at the Harbin Research Institute, have demonstrated that the consumption of the root and its preparation can help to enhance strength, immunity and help to stimulate sexual function as well. Additionally, some of the other proven benefits that it has to offer include improved sleep quality, enhanced cardiovascular function, improved athletic performance and a higher level of mental alertness. Many experts also proclaim that Eleuthero demonstrates the clear capacity to improve several aspects of human performance and not just 1, similarly to that of a traditional herb.

One of the more notable benefits that it has to offer is stress reduction. Classified as an adaptogen, it decreases cellular sensitivity to stress. Eleuthero improves the body’s ability to resist the health influences of stress. Meaning that it helps the mind and body to combat stress.  The effect is partially due to the high concentration of a host of compounds that are called eleutherosides.


* Another name for the herb is siberian ginseng. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-985-ginseng,%20siberian.aspx?activeingredientid=985&activeingredientname=ginseng,%20siberian