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We all learned that too much fat is bad. But how much is appropriate to main good health? We have all heard carbs are good, they are bad. Sugar is good and bad. But having a good understanding of balancing the amount of fat in proportion to its food source is just one key factor. Let’s take a look at ways to encourage the body to deal with fat and decrease common risk factors such as high blood sugar and weight gain.

Key Takeaways:

  • many people do not realize that low calorie diets are obsolete and not the best way to lose weight
  • A diet high in healthy fat and low in processed sugars/carbs along with periodic water fasting is most beneficial
  • Author offers a program to assist with proper dieting that includes all the info and accessories needed for healthy successful weight loss

“It’s important to realize that calories are not created equal, and this is why counting calories doesn’t work for weight loss and health in the long run.”

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