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Beta Sitosterol

Beta Sitosterol is one of the plant sterols which virtually found in every vegetable to some extent. During the last decade, scientific studies have revealed the benefits of this substance making it a significant name for dealing with several health related issues.

For High Cholesterol-

As much as cholesterol is important for our survival, too much of it can also prove to be fatal. This condition is known as hypercholesterolemia. Excessive amount of cholesterol tends to narrow or even block our arteries further being the cause for heart related problems. As much as this situation may arrive as a result of our dietary choices and aging, our genes and heredity can also be a major cause leading to high blood pressure.

Beta sitosterol mostly works in our digestive system inhibiting the cholesterol absorption by the intestines. Since its structure is very similar to cholesterol, beta sitosterol substitutes the biliary and dietary cholesterol generated in the intestinal lumen causing less absorption of cholesterol in the body. Thus, it maintains the balance of cholesterol in our body reducing the risk of heart diseases.

For Prostate Enlargement-

As our body grows older with the wear and tear of time, our body functions start to diminish in their performance. This becomes a factor for various age related health issues among which prostate enlargement is one of the earliest of the forthcoming. It is mostly observed in men nearing their 50s which becomes worse with time if not treated well. Also known as BPH, benign enlargement occurs when the prostate blocking the flow of urine to urethra becomes enlarged. The enlargement is caused by gradual multiplication of prostate cells known as DHT that pressurize the urethra. Due to this it takes more effort for the body to pass urine through the blockage and with time it the muscles become thicker and oversensitive. It starts to contract even in the presence of little amount of urine further increasing the need to urinate frequently.

Beta sitosterol works by inhibiting an enzyme that stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT, reducing its amount and enlargement of prostate. It has also been proved by various studies and experiments which showed a considerable relief for several BPH patients who were using beta sitosterol. It has been an old practice in Europe for doctors to prescribe beta sitosterol against prostate enlargements while it has recently emerged in other parts of the world.

Aside from high cholesterol relief, beta sitosterol has also been considered significant for various other health issues.

• For enhancing sexual performance.

• Improving the immune system

• Reducing hair loss in men

• Treatment of flu and common cold

• Against asthma

• For treating gallstones

Also note that it is found in vegetables and they do not say “eat your vegetables” without a reason. Although it is found in most of the vegetables, the amount may not be sufficient in order to relieve us from the above health problems. Various beta sitosterol supplements are prescribed by the doctor and are cheaply available in most of the places. Its low price is another beneficial factor making it accessible for everyone.