Blood Sugar Support [rate]

INTRODUCTIONSolaray: Fenugreek seeds 100ct 620mg

Fenugreek is a legume plant that can be found growing indigenously on the Mediterranean coast in Europe and its surrounding areas. The seed that is found in the fenugreek plant has a lot of medicinal properties in it, and due to this, the plant is usually cultivated for use as a herbal remedy in most countries.


There are various uses of fenugreek which includes the following:

  • -Remedy to reduce the pain during child birth
  • -Remedy to help increase milk production in lactating women,
  • -Home remedy for fever,
  • -Natural cure for the  heartburns, and also acid reflux,
  • -It also helps in curing the skin  for skin inflammation,
  • -Treating diabetes and also helps in lowering blood sugar levels,
  • -Home remedy for balancing cholesterol
  • -Used for breast enlargement.

Many studies and researches have proven that the fenugreek benefits humans in lowering bllod glucose levels, and it has proven a very good treatment for both types of diabetes. It has been proven that fenugreek can help lower and also manage blood sugar levels in a number of ways which includes the following:


-Fenugreek contains a certain amino acid that is  called 4-hydroxyisoleucine. This amino acid increases the body’s production of insulin when the sugar levels in the blood are very high. The high amounts of  insulin productions in the body decreases the amount of sugar that stay in the blood.

-Hydroxyisoleucine is responsible for helping the pancrease to secrete insulin, this is the hormone that is responsible for lowering the sugar levels in the blood. Some compounds which are found in fenugreek helps the liver and the muscles to react better to the glucose reducing effects of insulin. Studies and researches have shown that the plant consumption helps to lower cholesterol level. It helps lower the level of reduce the density lipoprotein (LDL) .

-It has been proven that the part of the seed known as mucilages coats the intestinal lining and this prevents emptying the stomach too quickly. The effect of this is that it slows down the entry of glucose into the bloodstream.


Fenugreek contains saponin and also galactomannan fiber which are of great use in reducing cholesterol absorption in the body of a human being. This in turn helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the body. It also slows the acids to reduce diabetic symptoms. The higher fiber supplement also contains healthy lipids, minerals, flavanoids, and also vitamins. Fenugreek is very effective in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol without decreasing the level of the good ones. This is because it contains saponin. Saponin is a natural substance that acts as a cleaner or a soap that is able to remove large cholesterol molecules from the bile.

There have been reports of a few minor side effects that are experienced by those using Fenugreek. Nausea is the common side effect experienced by those using it while others have so far reported gastrointestinal discomfort. Others have so far experienced skin irritations and rashes. Pregnant women are not advised to use it as it has the capability to induce labour. Also if you are taking oral medications, you are not advised to use it as the fibre contained in it can interfere with the absorption of the medicine due to the mucilaginous fiber.