Sleep [rate]

Kids are required to acquire adequate amount of high quality sleep every day because it plays a vital role in the development of their brain. Sleep is a natural method of boosting the physical, emotional, mental and cognitive health and wellness in children.

It is capable of increasing the brainpower as well as in calming the mind and maintaining its alertness. Aside from improving one’s mental alertness, physical well-being: attention span is enhanced.

The sleep requirement of human beings actually varies from one person to another. However, children require longer sleep compared to adults. Around 10-12 hours of sleep is needed for kids aging between 5-11 years.


Benefits of getting sufficient amount of high quality sleep in children

Children who get adequate amount of sleep often show optimum mental alertness which is defined by their ability to interact with their environment, maintain long attention span and optimized learning capacity.

Also children who acquire adequate amount of high quality sleep every night are more likely to have better and more positive behaviors. These children are often pleasant, attentive and calm.

Furthermore, kids who are getting adequate amount of sleep regularly tend to pay attention better in schools, are creative and have high resistance against diseases. Moreover, they can get along with friends and families better, can solve problems with ease and always in good mood.

Sleep Time

Effects of sleep deprivation in children

Lack of sleep can actually cause a person to have difficulty in concentrating, clumsy, forgetful, irritable and prone to making mistakes during the day. Besides, children who get inadequate amount of sleep regularly perform poorly and are easily distracted.

Therefore for you to avoid all these effects of sleep deprivation in children, it’s good to give him/her melatonin which will aid them in sleep. Melatonin aids in deep sleep and prevents the tendency of periodically waking up at night. This makes your children have a good restful and high quality sleep all the night.