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Natural Healers have used Nattokinase as a natural remedy in Japan for more than a century to treat cardiovascular problems. Today we use it around the world to treat a wide range of conditions particularly because it is a natural blood thinner.

– What is Nattokinase? –

Nattokinase comes from natto, which is a popular food in Japan. Natto is a soybean product fermented with Bacillus Natto, which is actually a bacterium. Nattokinase is an enzyme of that product. Traditionally, healers used the entire food to treat heart conditions, but Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi from the University of Chicago discovered that the enzyme, Nattokinase, was the most beneficial aspect of natto, and discovered how to extract the enzyme.

Nattokinase is not available from any other source other than natto and products that are derived from the extracted enzyme from natto. This is due to the unique fermentation process with Bacillus Natto.

– What conditions are treated with Nattokinase? –

Today, we use Nattokinase to treat many conditions that are related to the heart and blood naturally including:

  • – Chest Pain
  • – High Blood Pressure
  • – Hardening of the Arteries
  • – Varicose Veins
  • – Peripheral Artery Disease
  • – Hemorrhoids
  • – Strokes

Additionally, some success has also been seen in using Nattokinase for the natural treatment of the following conditions:

  • – Pain
  • – Fibromyalgia
  • – Muscle Spasms
  • – Pain associated with cancer

Although there is no scientific proof as of yet, it is also believed that this enzyme may be effective in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Beriberi, infertility, endometriosis, and fibroid tumors in the uterus. Recently, there has also been evidence that this enzyme may be effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. More research is needed to determine just how effective the enzyme will be in the treatment of these diseases as well as other conditions.

– Is it safe to use Nattokinase? –

Because Nattokinase is a natural blood thinner, there are some instances when it should not be taken. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should avoid using or consuming this enzyme. It should also be avoided if you have any type of bleeding disorder. Before you have surgery, it is essential that your doctor is aware that you have been using this natural remedy, and follow your doctor’s instructions. Typically, you should not have surgery within two weeks of taking just one dose of Nattokinase.

You should not use Nattokinase if you are already taking a medication that causes thinning of the blood, including aspirin. When used in conjunction with aspirin or other drugs that have similar properties as aspirin, you are at increased risk of brain hemorrhages.

Additionally, you should follow recommended guidelines to ensure that you are using the right dosage of this enzyme. To date, there are no dosage guidelines established by the medical community for this enzyme, but we do know that taking too much Nattokinase can result in increased bleeding and bruising. You are also strongly advised to check with your doctor before starting a regiment of Nattokinase, or before stopping the use of other medications for any health conditions that you may have.