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Zeaxanthin is one of the carotenoids, which is found all over in nature. Most of the plant synthesize this carotenoid and at the same time, some of the micro organisms also produce it. It has got its name from the zea mays, a yellow color maize. Some believe that the name came from the Greek word ‘xanthos’, which stands for yellow.

Food Sources

It is found in the green leaves of almost every plant. Apart from the leaves, it is found in saffron, corn, goji berry, eggs, kale, peas, turnip, sprouts in high concentration. One could easily take in his or daily diet as zeaxanthin is present in many food items.

But why one should take this in the diet?

Zeaxanthin has several health benefits. Particularly, it is seriously beneficial for the human eyes.

How it helps the human eyes?

Muscular degeneration happens in each and every part of human body as the age progresses. In fact, muscular degeneration is a common sign of ageing, which also happens in case of the eyes. The eye power reduces as the muscular degeneration happens in eyes. Zeaxanthin helps prevents muscular degeneration in eyes. This means, one could retain the vision power for a long period of time, if he or she is in taking zeaxanthin in his or her diet. If someone is already suffering from the age related muscular degeneration, then he or she could also depends upon this pigments to get his or her eye power back. 


Zeaxanthin could be used for the successful treatment of cataract. If the cataract is in its early stage in case of anyone, then he or she could treat the same with the help of zeaxanthin. Heavy smokers or people, who don’t take proper nutrition could get more benefits out of this pigment. For better and longer vision power, everyone should include zeaxanthin in their diets.

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