Newly Added CBD Oil Gold Formula from PlusCbd Inc.

Posted by on 28th November 2017
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We added a new size and two oil applicators sizes from our PlusCBD product line. 6 Gram applicator is coming soon. call to find out status. Call in and we can work a deal. :) 1-800-877-8702 or 330-877-8786  

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New from Europharma USA “Clinical OPC With Pine Bark “

Posted by on 25th August 2017
Antioxidants [rate]

High Potency Antioxidant.  Terry Naturallly Clinical OPC with Pine Bark contains patented French Grape Seed Extract VX1  and Pantented Pine Bark Extract EP90.  Both proven to be effective in maintaining good health and wellness. Free Shipping on any size order of Eurpharma USA products.

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What Are the Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha?

Posted by on 13th October 2012
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Ashwaghanda From the ancient times to now, people are still trying to reach for traditional “Aurvedic” medicines.”Aurvedic medicine system” is born in South Asia region specially in India, and there are many precious herbal plants with various specious in that region. One of the best herbal plants is “Ashwaghanda”. Ashwaghanda is a small plant and […]

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Health benefits of Green tree extract

Posted by on 09th October 2012
Antioxidants Cholesterol Control Herbs [rate]

Green Tea Green tea originated from china, and is made solely made of cammelli sinensi plant that has undergone oxidation during its processing. Green tea is rich catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate abbreviated (EGCG) which is a strong antioxidant. Over the last few decades it has been told that drinking tea has health benefits, as […]

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Can Tart Cherry Extract Help Reduce Uric Acid?

Posted by on 07th October 2012
Antioxidants Herbs Joint Pain [rate]

Tart Cherry vs Uric Acid Tart cherry is one of the fruits that is rich in anti oxidants such as anthocyanins, polyphenols, and flavonoids. The fruit is rarely consumed in the fresh form because it tastes bitter. The fruit is usually consumed in processed form such as tart cherry extract, juice and more. Extracts of […]

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Does Tart Cherry Help with Gout? How?

Posted by on 04th October 2012
Antioxidants Cholesterol Control Joint Pain [rate]

Tart Cherry Tart cherry, also known as sour cherry are generally used as ingredients in certain deserts. Tart cherry is also used as ingredients in other main dishes as well as salads and many other beverages. Cherry pie is one of the most important dishes that contains Tart cherry as the most significant ingredient. Amarelle […]

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What are the Health Benefits of the Herb Rose Hips?

Posted by on 23rd September 2012
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Rose Hips Rose hips are the red or orange fruits of the rose herb and are known as rose hep or rose haw in some places. Rose hips feted to have a lot of health benefits and have been primarily been used by the indigenous American people. The parts of the herb rose hip used […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Celery Seed?

Posted by on 15th September 2012
Antioxidants Health [rate]

Celery Seed Celery is a kind of vegetable that commonly used in various dishes for its nutritional value. A celery seed is a tiny, brown colored seed which is basically obtained by drying the celery fruit. These seeds not only have several medicinal properties, but are also low in calorie count, thereby making them the […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of DIM – Diindolylmethane?

Posted by on 10th September 2012
Antioxidants [rate]

diindolylmethane – (DIM) DIM, or diindolylmethane, is a phytochemical indole found abundantly in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts. Though it was only discovered two decades ago about the health benefit of broccoli when it was added to the diet of animal test subjects. Later the actual vegetable was replaced with […]

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What Is The Health Benefits Of Taking Phosphatidyl Choline?

Posted by on 07th September 2012
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Phosphatidyl Choline Even though the human body can produce small quantities of mineral choline, humans must also consume mineral choline in their diet if they want to maintain good health. Most mineral choline in the body is stored in molecules called phospholipids. There are several types of phospholipids in the human body and phosphatidyl choline […]

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