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No one can deny that cinnamon has a great advantage towards people in the world. Do you wonder why this is so? Well, this is simply a type of plant that is used in deterring germs and spicing food. Most people have it in their kitchens and it is the common household spice which is used in cooking several dishes. Researchers have proven the cinnamon is useful in lowering cholesterol.

Cholesterol is very important in the body. Most of it are mainly obtained from fish, poultry and liver among other products. Those people with high cholesterol should make use of cinnamon for better results. High cholesterol is commonly known as hyperlipidemia.

Cinnamon Stick
Benefits of Cinnamon:

Taking cinnamon as a remedy for lowering cholesterol can be a wonderful action. It is important to seek doctor’s advice before taking it. You should be guided on the right dosage and also the risks of using it. Studies at the medical centers have proven that cinnamon has properties of lowering cholesterol in the body. Additionally, this powerful supplement consists of terpenoids which function as antibacterial, antifungal or anti-allergic.

The amazing thing about this supplement is that it is very effective in reducing high cholesterol levels. It is, therefore, recommendable to use it for effective results. The dosage is very clear and simple because only 2 to 4 grams of this supplement is required to lower bad cholesterol. This amount should be taken on a daily basis. This supplement is considered safe as it doesn’t have side effects. This is because most people have used it for many years.



You have to be vigilant not to take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Apart from using cinnamon, it is also important to change your lifestyle. You may be very eager to lower bad cholesterol but it won’t work if you don’t change lifestyle. Below are the lifestyles to focus on:

  • Reduce the intake of saturated fats such as butter, bacon, cream, among other saturated fats.
  • Reduce consumption of trans fats such as partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Make use of eating healthy food such as vegetables, grains which are whole and fruits.
  • If the above change in lifestyle doesn’t work, you can definitely look for medication which is used in lowering cholesterol.

If you have high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), chances are higher that you are at a risk of developing heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases. It is, therefore, recommendable to go for checkups regularly. The medical provider should be able to check your blood cholesterol level.

It is good to note that there are two main varieties of this powerful supplement throughout the world. One is known as Cassia cinnamon and the other is Ceylon cinnamon. This wonderful supplement is not only helpful in lowering cholesterol but also, it is used to reduce diabetes.

A study shows that cinnamon has the effect of controlling the blood glucose levels in those individuals with diabetes. It is also effective in reducing LDL cholesterol.

Too much of something is poisonous. When taking the cinnamon supplement, it is important not to take it excessively. Reason being that it is toxic. The recommendable type of cinnamon is Ceylon but not Cassia because it has a toxic compound that damages the liver. The effects of cinnamon are tremendous in controlling LDL and levels of lipids. Now if you want to eliminate bad cholesterol, you can simply use this supplement and it will work effectively.