Blood Sugar Support [rate]

When your blood sugar level shoots up too high then your diabetes can be out of control. You may not feel sick with high sugar level in blood. But if you are prone to diabetes then it becomes important to keep it under control because it can cause a number of health problems with time. If you do not observe any symptom of high sugar in blood even then it can damage your nerves and blood vessels.

People with diabetes should focus not only on controlling blood sugar levels but also to keep them steady. A high blood sugar level can make you feel unhealthy and lousy. It can affect many parts of your body including eyes, kidney, feet, brain, heart and nervous system. It can cause stroke, kidney disease, blindness, foot problems, heart problems and damage to nerves if not controlled effectively in time.

Cinnamon Stick

Use of household spice to control blood sugar

According to various studies and researches it has been proven that cinnamon, one of the commonly used spice in almost every kitchen for baking and spicing various types of dishes, can also be used for lowering the blood sugar and cholesterol levels of the patients with type 2 diabetes.

Some of these reviews also reveal that after taking cinnamon in any form many type2 diabetes patients have observed improvement in the levels of their cholesterol and sugar in blood. The results were based on their randomized trial on more than 500 patients with type 2 diabetes with high level of blood sugar who have taken cinnamon for 4-18 weeks in various doses.

Though there is no authentic evidence available until today about the positive effect of cinnamon on diabetes but several small researchers have recommended that it could lower the levels of blood sugar. It helps in lowering your body’s resistance to insulin. In fact various researches on the affect of cinnamon on diabetes got mixed reviews as some of them have dismissed its use for treating this condition.

In another study the researchers gave 1-6 grams cinnamon to the volunteers with high sugar levels in blood for 40 days. The results of this study shown about 25% fall in blood sugar level whereas about 18% fall in cholesterol levels. But no such fall was observed by some other researchers.

Safety features of cinnamon for diabetic people

Though in the absence of any authentic evidence most of the doctors do not recommend it for controlling high sugar in blood but if on the basis of the results of some small researchers, you take it for this purpose then you should take it carefully. You can include it in your food and enjoy its unique flavor if you do not have any liver problem. If you have any kind of liver problem then it can worsen your condition. If you are taking some other medication then you should consult your doctor before taking any supplement with cinnamon as one of the main ingredients.

Thus, cinnamon can help in controlling your high blood sugar levels if taken carefully with the consent of your healthcare provider.