Cardiovascular Support [rate]

A recent study published by the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport suggests that creatine can improve cardiovascular health. Creatine is an amino acid that is found in most meats naturally. It is also available in form of dietary supplements and it is commonly used for muscle growth and recovery as well as in enhancing athletic performance. When this amino acid is taken regularly and in combination with regular cardiovascular exercises, it helps in reducing the side effects that most physical exercises have while accelerating recovery and enhancing performance efficiency.


Lowering triglycerides levels

There is a preliminary research by Brazilian researchers that suggests that creatine helps in lowering the levels of fats in the human blood or triglycerides. The research involved individuals who had heart failure taking creatine while receiving the standard medical care. These individuals recorded an increase in the overall amount of the exercise that they could perform before getting fatigued as compared to the exercises performed by those taking placebo. A major sign of heart failure is getting tired easily.

The study, which involved 20 individuals with heart failure, established that short-term consumption of creatine supplement combined with standard medication assists in improving muscle strength and endurance. After taking the supplement, males indicated lower submaximal VO2. This is a measure of efficiency in terms of how the body uses oxygen while performing aerobic exercises.

After consuming creatine supplement every day, for four weeks, males recorded a decrease in their maximum heart rate by 3.7 percent. This was an indication of increased cardiovascular efficiency which is an indication of improved cardiovascular health.


Increasing muscle growth

In 2007, Victoria University Research Repository published a study that suggests that creatine, when taken alone or in combination with whey protein, helps in enhancing muscle growth and muscle gain during and after resistance training. According to this study, regular high-intensity cardiovascular or resistance training combined with creatine supplementation leads to increased performance and greater muscular strength.

Today, creatine supplements are popular among body builders who want to build muscle mass, power and strength since it is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes at different levels. Creatine acts like an energy carrier which powers ATP-based system, which is the cell’s energy currency. It has been used for many years and it is now one of the heavily researched and most popular supplements in the market. Unlike many substances for enhancing performance, creatine is allowed by the International Olympic Committee.


Improving the overall heart health

Creatine also plays a significant role in improving overall heart health. Several studies have been conducted to establish the importance of this amino acid in ensuring hearth health. Preliminary findings indicate that creatine supplements improve the strength of heart muscles while curbing high bad cholesterol levels. They also lower the levels of homocysteine, which are all associated with various heart problems including stroke.


Generally, creatine is an important amino acid supplement for bodybuilders who want to have more muscle mass, power and strength. Apart from improving your strength and endurance during training, creatine supplement will also enhance your cardiovascular health.