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Depression is a feeling of intense sadness which is persistent, meaning, it can end up lasting longer than you expect it to. This can be weeks or months and sometimes without any apparent reason. Clinically known as the blues, it’s more than just a low mood with serious effects both mentally and physically.

It is accompanied with feelings of hopelessness, sleep disorders, and feeling weighed down the whole day because one lacks the energy to keep him up and working. Also your appetite can get affected and you may end up losing or gaining weight. The unpredictability of this can make you confused. There’s also constant headaches and muscle pains.


Doctors, as well as psychologists, don’t know the prime cause of depression. But they all agree that it is caused by a combination of three factors: biological, social and psychological factors.

Biological factors cause a type of depression which runs in family bloodlines whereby offspring have the depression gene. It doesn’t mean that every one of them will be affected by the condition, but in conjunction with other factors, the depression gene might be triggered. Nasty experiences like trauma, loss of a loved one, etc. might trigger the gene and therefore the commencement of a depressive episode.

Treatment is available both naturally and artificially through intake of pharmaceuticals like antidepressants. They are effective for many, but also have side effects. The most common side effects being nausea and a headache that never goes away. Patients experience sleeping disorders especially when they begin taking antidepressants. There have been reports of nightmares and sleepwalking which is not common.

Consequently, you may experience daytime sleepiness due to sleepless nights or the sedative effect of the drug. On the extreme, it causes conditions like insomnia. Your weight may also change rapidly while on this medication. Some people gain weight more than 7% of their body weight later after being on a subscription.

Sexual side effects are also long term and these people really cannot tolerate them because it’s shameful and also causes great discomfort. To both sexes, there’s decreased libido and other sex dysfunction effects like delayed ejaculation to men and anorgasmia or inability to achieve an orgasm for women. A small percentage of patients with suicidal thoughts proceed and commit suicide. This is because the depressants give them more energy that makes them carry on with the plan. According to most of the research, the drug doubles the risk of suicidal thoughts.

These adverse effects make some patients quit on the prescription and suffer with their imbalanced moods while others decide to change their medication as well as doctor. If you fall in the latter group, you may consider going the natural way e.g. through trying curcumin which is a chemical compound found in turmeric. This rhizome has been in use since the early ages as it has many health benefits attributed to it. Those who have used it say that it curbs and reduces the harsh side effects of depression. Those with weight gain problems will find that curcumin hinders growth and accumulation of fat. It also increases the level of “feel good” hormones in the blood stream such as dopamine and serotonin which make you brighter and recover from your gloomy state.