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There is no doubt that when human cells are attacked by free radicals, the vitamins and minerals and antioxidants available in the body come to our defense. However, in this article we will try and find out how iodide could also be considered as a very potent and effective antioxidant which could help flush free radicals.

Researched have been done using seaweed known as Laminaria. It is a plant which gives out large amounts of iodide. This is a very powerful antioxidant and when it combines with oxygen in air and water it produces what is known as molecular iodine. This is very commonly used as an antiseptic in hospitals during surgery. When this logic is carried forward it could help fight many life threatening diseases.


An International Team Of Scientists from UK, USA, Germany & Switzerland, Netherlands & France has found out that iodine has a very positive biological role. It could be a wonderful inorganic antioxidant. In fact it could be the first of its kind that has many promising possibilities. It also could help a lot in scavenging free radicals in the blood cells of human beings and also many animals.

The research has been done using Brown Kelp. Is a special type of algae which perhaps has the highest concentration of iodide when it comes to any animal or plant. This iodide is released when it needs to remove harmful toxins. Hence using this as a stepping stone, scientists have been able to find out that iodide could be very useful in fighting various negative effects of free radicals.

Brown Kelp

There is no doubt that iodine is very important for thyroid functioning. For centuries, brown kelp have been used to treat various diseases associated with goiter which is caused by deficient iodine. When further studies were conducted it has been found that it could play a big role in preventing the negating various ill effects caused by free radicals. Many forms of cancers could be attributed to free radicals and if there is an efficient free radical scavenger, it could prove to be a boon.

Though the studies are still in an initial stage, there are quite a few positive results to prove that iodide could be the answer for rampaging free radicals. It could provide the answer for various health challenges ranging from mild ailments like hypertension, blood sugar, digestive ailments and so on. In a world where there is unbridled increase in pollution there is no doubt that iodide could be the miracle substance which could help provide the right solution for various types of diseases and medical conditions caused by free radicals. However, studies and research are still in its initial stages. It would be pertinent to mention here that in case of nuclear attacks where radioactive levels are very high resulting in free run of free radicals, iodide has been found to be a good solution.

There are supplements you can use to help get both the benefits of Iodine and Kelp.