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Pumpkins are traditionally used for decorations during the seasons.  It is a perfect decor for the Halloween. Aside from this, it also has a lot of benefits for the health. Pumpkin seeds offers a wide range of health benefits if used in various forms. The use of these seeds as a whole including shell can be a good source of zinc for your body which can help in saving you from colds and flu. Similarly, the seeds also contain healing properties.


Healing Properties of Pumpkin Seeds


Regulating blood pressure: Pumpkin seeds contain various healthy elements like potassium, fibre and vitamin C which can support the health of your heart as potassium in them help in treating hypertension. The increase in the intake of potassium helps in reducing the risk of losing muscle mass, formation of kidney stone, stroke and improving the density of bone minerals.

Healthy eyes: These seeds help in preventing damage due to degeneration with increasing age and supporting the health of eyes due to antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E present in them.

Improve fertility: Pumpkin seeds along with other vegetables also promote the fertility among women as they offer enough amount of plant iron required for this purpose during child-bearing due to vitamin A.

Immunity booster: Vitamin C and beta-carotene found in the seeds of pumpkin help in providing the combination of various powerful nutrients required to boost up the immunity level.

Treating prostate problems like cancer: It has been proven through various researches that the beta-carotene present in pumpkin seeds can help in obstructing the development of various problems in the prostate region including prostate cancer or frequent urination at night due to enlarged prostate.

Most of the patients diagnosed with enlarged prostate usually have to urinate several times during the night which not only disturbs their sleep but also cause inconvenience in urinating. Such problems can be eliminated after consuming the seeds of pumpkin naturally as per the instructions of your healthcare provider. Thus they can be used for treating the symptoms of enlarged prostate along with other problems in the urinary tract.

A prostate problem known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH can cause urinary problems and discomfort as it obstructs the functioning of urethra. Most of the people in western countries including USA, suffering from such problems, are able to protect their prostates only by consuming pumpkin seeds regularly.

Other protective compounds like phytosterols found in the seeds of pumpkin can help in shrinking of the prostates. The transformation of testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone can also be prevented due to the presence of various other chemicals in these seeds which can cause enlargement of the prostate.

Pumpkin seeds have a number of health benefits due to their healing properties. They can treat and prevent a number of health problems including the prevention of prostate cancer.


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