Weight Loss [rate]

If there’s one huge factor that can cause a person to give up on his weight loss goals, that is the interminable desire and craving for food. Hunger, more than a physical symptom, is mostly psychological in origin. This is the reason why most individuals, even after a heavy meal, could still have the feeling of hunger. If you want to lose weight but feels hungry all the time, knowing about Saffron appetite suppressant is definitely of great help.


How Saffron Curbs Appetite

Originally used as a flavor agent, Saffron today is no longer just an essential ingredient in the food industry. Various laboratory studies conducted by experts have found evidences on how Saffron curbs appetite. Here are some ways on how this ingredient effectively reduces your desire for snacks:


  • It targets neurotransmitters

Unlike chemically-formulated supplements which suppress appetite by affecting the release of some hormones in your body, Saffron generally works by enhancing the release of some neurotransmitters in the brain. The most important neurotransmitter which affects a person’s metabolic and hunger responses is serotonin. Low levels of serotonin in the body causes you to feel hungry and tells your brain that you need to eat.

By stimulating the production and release of serotonin in your brain, the active ingredients found in Saffron extract effectively controls your appetite and reduces hunger. It also increases satiety or the feeling of fullness among users.


  • It improves your mood

Compulsive eating is one of the most common symptoms of depression in both sexes, but mostly among women. While depression is caused by various factors, most cases are simply brought about by physiologic responses of the body. Emotional eating, as found in a recent study, is not necessarily associated with appetite but mostly related to mood. By enhancing your mood during a state of depression, you can reduce hunger and prevent excessive eating.

Studies have shown that the active ingredients of Saffron work as anti-depressants. As a mood lifter, Saffron can become of great help in preventing emotional eating.


How it Contributes to Weight Loss

Appetite suppression plays a very important role in every person’s weight loss goal. Although supplements that enhance metabolic rate and eliminate toxic chemicals can greatly reduce your weight, your efforts can be wasted if you have overwhelming appetite. Include Saffron extract natural supplements in your diet for effective weight loss.


Safety Issues

Since its introduction as a weight loss agent in the fitness industry, issues on Saffron’s safety has been all over the internet. Various studies, however, have proven that Saffron supplements are generally safe for everyday use as long as taken according to instructions provided on the label or under physician’s prescription if taken by individuals who are suffering from medical illnesses. It is very important not to take the supplement without physician’s advice if you are 18 years old and below or a person suffering from certain medical conditions.



Safe and effective appetite suppression is now made possible with the development of naturally-formulated supplements like Saffron Extract. If you really want to lose weight, taking Saffron extract supplements will be a great help to you.