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Sleep is vital to your health.  If you are not getting enough of it, your mind and body may fail to function properly.  If you have a sleeping disorder, there are chances that you spend most of your time doing nothing.  What does this mean? You aren’t giving your body the exercise it needs. The question you should ask yourself is, does exercise help me sleep? Yes or no, getting out once in a while for an outdoor exercise keeps your body functioning properly and as a result, improve your sleep. To get a clear understanding of what this means, let us go through some of the benefits of exercising and how it impacts your sleeping patterns.


1. Benefits of Sunlight

Outdoor exercises once in a while means exposure to sunlight that has numerous health benefits.  Apart from burning calories and keeping you fit, exposure to sunshine reduces the chances of you getting skin cancer.  It creates vitamin D3 that keeps your bones healthy, improves your immune system and, as a result, improves your sleep.

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2. Outdoor exercise gives your body the workout it needs

There is no limit to what you can do outside. You can run miles and do all sorts of exercises plus it gives you the morale to continue with what you are doing.  As a result, you won’t quickly stop without getting tired that is all you need to have a healthy sleep.  Most of the time sleep disorder comes as a result of spending most of the time doing nothing.

3. Fresh Air: Improves Lung Functioning

Staying indoors most of the time deprives you of the fresh air.  On the other hand, getting out for a while to do an aerobic exercise enables you to breathe the fresh air that is vital to your body.  Studies show that outdoor exercise improves your lung functioning meaning that it improves your breathing.  Others studies also show that improper breathing is among the major culprits when it comes to a sleep disorder, what does this mean?  Simple, being able to breathe correctly enables you to sleep properly.

4. Exercise Relieves Stress

You can’t have a better sleep if you keep on worrying.  It is one of the main reasons you need to go out once in a while.  Exercising or engaging your body in any extreme physical activity results into the production of natural painkillers known as endorphins in the brain.  These chemicals are known to reduce stress and also improve sleep. You should also note that getting out the house or the office for some jogging gets your mind off most of the things that may give you stress.

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5. Mental Benefits

Apart from physical fitness, exercising a lot is also proven to result in proper reasoning, making wiser decisions that is the primary trait of a stress-free brain.  It results in revitalization, increased energy, reduced anger and increased focus.  A stress-free, focused brain sleeps soundly.

In summary, exercise makes you feel better. It improves your body functioning and most importantly it is good for your mind and body. Apart from keeping you fit, getting used to exercise becomes fun with time and, as a result, keeps you happy and engaged. Having that in mind, we can conclude that exercise is the best remedy for a sleeping disorder.







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