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Astaxanthin is a kind of Carotenoid belongs to the xanthophyll family (yellow color pigments).
It is soluble in the lipids.Its mainly found in the yeast, micro algae, salmon, shrimp and crayfish.

The benefits of taking Astaxanthin are listed below:

1) It is used to boost up the immune system of the human body.

2) It is used to combat against the premature aging of the skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles.

3) It is also used to moisturize the skin.

4) It acts as an antioxidant in the human body by removing the free radicals produced in our body.

5) It is also used to block the damages happens due to the ultra violet radiation.

6) It helps the brain and the central nervous system.

7) It is used in the treatment of cancer.

8) It is used to prevent ulcer and the gastric injuries.

9) It is used to improve the vision and to cure the eye diseases.

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