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Maca rootSolaray: Maca root 100ct 525mg

Maca root is predominantly found in the high-altitude mountain ranges and in harsh climates. It is mainly cultivated in Bolivia and Peru. It is widely known for its adaptogenic characteristic. It is believed to act on the body according to its deficiency and requirement thus promoting overall wellness.
Saponins, alkaloids, and precursors to DHEA are found in the maca roots, which indeed stimulate the endocrine system. Since it is free of any hormones, it works by supplying the essential nutrients to the endocrine systems so as to make them work efficiently. It therefore helps the entire body stays healthy and strong.

Hormone Balance

Maca roots enhance the sexual drive and balances the estrogen dominance. Estrogen imbalance may accompany hypothyroidism. So the maca root has the ability to influence the whole endocrine system. There is no need to worry about side effects, because the maca root does not actually contain any hormones; instead it has enough ingredients to keep the endocrine systems work just fine.