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Here’s Why You Should Have A Spoonful Of Olive Oil, First Thing In The Morning!

For cooking purposes, many foodies and health aficionados advocate the use of olive oil more than most any other cooking oil. However, NDTV good reports on a new potential trend amongst those who deem the oil a healthy food choice, a trend that could remind seniors of the days when conscientious moms plugged the woebegone mouths of their young with cod liver oil.The

Obviously the cod liver oil was intended as a nutritive supplement. And it would seem the same path in cultural use is opening for olive oil. Nutri-minded goodies are now recommending a shot of the Mediterranean oil before breakfast.

Good for the skin, good for digestion, a good interior cleanser, and a possible cancer preventative and weight loss aid as well,or so suggests the proponents of the olive oil shot pre-breakfast trend.

Key Takeaways:

  • The oleic acid in olive oil promotes a feeling of fullness, which could prove to be the push your diet needs.
  • Olive oil has lots of vitamin E and antioxidants, which promote skin health and could prevent co!on cancer.
  • A little thinning water and a dash of lemon juice can make your jello-shot size of olive oil more palateable.

“Olive oil is the go-to cooking oil for health freaks and those wanting to cook healthy and lose weight.”

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