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Using vinegar to treat acid reflux, or heartburn, doesn’t sound very reassuring. But, apple cider vinegar does indeed provide a number of benefits that contribute to preventing or alleviating acid reflux. Even though apple cider vinegar, or ACV, has acetic acid in it that may potentially trigger acid reflux in some individuals, many people find it very effective in curing their heartburn. To what degree it can actually help depends on both the cause of the heartburn as well as the person. Because everyone’s different, the solutions for heartburn will vary as well.


What Causes Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux usually occurs after eating certain foods or eating too much food in general. A weakened esophagus will allow a person’s stomach acid to backup if it’s not contracting properly. This key muscle is designed to open as you swallow food and/or drink and then immediately close. However, some foods tend to relax the esophagus and subsequently trigger heartburn, some of which may include:

• Carbonated beverages<br>
• Caffeine <br>
• Fried foods<br>
• High-fat foods<br>
• Garlic<br>
• Onions<br>
• Tomato-based foods, such as spaghetti sauce


Heartburn and Stomach Acid

Heartburn may occur due to a lack of acid in your stomach or eating foods that are lower in acidity. ACV has the ability to mimic your stomach’s acidity level in order to help you properly digest food. One way to counteract acid reflux is to swallow one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar prior to eating to help prevent heartburn. In fact, continuing to consume ACV regularly may eventually prevent acid reflux from occurring at all. ACV is rich in enzymes which are essential for healthy digestion.


Acid Reflux Remedies

People who claim that ACV helps them relieve their heartburn typically mix a tablespoon or two in a fresh glass of water before they sit down for a meal, or even after. This helps aid the overall digestion process. If you’ve never ingested it before, just use a small splash of ACV in your water at first. ACV is potent and can have a profound effect on some people.


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