Eyes [rate]


This substance is derived from plant material and it is synthesized like any other xanthophylls.  It is a type of carotenoid common in fruits and vegetables. The concentration of lutein is high in vegetables especially green leafy vegetables such as kales, collard greens, lettuce and spinach among other indigenous vegetables.

This substance, lutein is commonly used in modulation of light energy in green plants. It has also far reaching importance and health benefits when it comes to the human eye. The eyes are exposed to the external environment and therefore likely to suffer from the effects of sunlight thus need for protection.

The health benefits of lutein may include the following:-

a. Protection from blue light

Blue light is a form of light that is of high energy and wavelength which may be dangerous to the eyes. This is because when this high energy light gets into the eye, it is likely to trigger the production of free radicals (very dangerous high energy compounds). These radicals are not good as their presence is likely to cause damage to the eyesight.

This will be as a result of macular spoilage or degeneration. To overcome this therefore, the presence of lutein is important. Lutein in the body usually derived from the diet will act by blocking the blue light from getting into the eyes as the light is likely to cause damage to the eyes more especially the macula. This will ultimately guarantee good eyesight and promote vision.

b. The retina is one of the most important parts of the eye. At the center of the retina is an area referred to as the macula lutein which is oval in shape. This is an area which plays an important role when it comes to central vision. This area is very rich in this important carotenoid, lutein. The rich concentration of lutein usually gives the eye the yellow pigmentation or coloration. This pigmentation is very essential as it helps in the absorption of blue light which is likely to influence negatively central vision of the eye. The better the central vision is the better is the overall vision of the eye and vice versa.

c. Lutein and cataracts

Cataract is a common condition that occurs especially as one progresses in age. This condition is characterized by the development of clouds commonly referred to as clouding of the crystalline lens. This clouding will eventually start obstructing light getting into the eyes. This process usually takes place slowly but eventually it may lead to complete obstruction of light from getting into the eye’s.  This will eventually cause blurred vision or a decline in vision. This is where the use of lutein comes in. Lutein will help in strengthening the cells of the eye thus acquire an improved, stable and health vision.

d. Eye floaters

This constitutes of transparent and clear material that fills the eye-balls which may be accompanied by flashes of light. This will lead into the restriction of the visual field thus affecting normal vision.

Lutein as an antioxidant will greatly help in overcoming the restriction of visual field thus restoration of one to normal field of vision.