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Though the exact causes for breast cancer are still relatively unknown, one thing that is quite clear is the connection between estrogen and this life threatening disease. The higher a woman’s exposure to the estrogen hormone, the greater is the chance of her developing cancer. So first it is important to understand the nature and function of estrogen.


Understanding Estrogen

The hormone is present in large quantities in the bloodstream of all women. It is essential for the development of the female reproductive system. Apart from this, it has a number of other functions like regulating cholesterol, replenishing the heart and regulating moods. However, a large exposure to estrogen can contribute to the spread of breast cancer.

Most cells in the body contain estrogen receptors. This is basically a protein that helps in stimulating cell growth. As estrogen flows through the bloodstream, it regularly attaches itself to the receptors and helps the cells to multiply and grow. Unfortunately, cancerous cells also make use of this mechanism to aid their growth. So if there is a large quantity of estrogen present in the body, it inadvertently helps in spreading breast cancer cells. So it is quite obvious that reducing estrogen receptors is one of the best ways to control this cancer. Many compounds have been known to help in this and one of the most promising ones is Iodine.


How can Iodine help in controlling breast cancer?

A lot of research has clearly shown that regular consumption of Iodine helps by reducing the number of estrogen receptors in the body. It has always been seen to be very useful in preventing breast cysts and fibrocystic breast disease. Iodine has traditionally been considered a very important part of the human diet, but of late people have started ignoring its many positive attributes. Iodine supplements have been known to resolve a number of problems in women like ovarian and thyroid cysts. However, most medical professionals are unaware of the benefits of Iodine. Goiter is another disease that is caused by lack of Iodine in the body. It has been shown that breast cancer cells can be stopped from growing with the help of iodine, as it helps in limiting estrogen receptors. So it is quite obvious that there are many benefits in taking regular Iodine supplements. There have been a number of research studies showcasing the importance of Iodine in preventing breast cancer and other diseases.

A Japanese study found that consumption of iodine-rich seaweed actually helped halt the spread of cancer cells in patients. In fact, it was seen as more effective than chemotherapy. It was also noticed that women who regularly eat fish have a much lower chance of developing breast cancer. This is mainly because marine animals are a very good source of Iodine. The incidence of breast cancer in countries like Japan and Iceland is very low as fish forms a regular part of the diet in these cultures.


Hence, consumption of iodine supplements can be considered a vital tool to fight against breast cancer. With the increasing number of research supporting it, it won’t be too long before Iodine becomes a common medicine for breast cancer patients.