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Vinpocetine – Periwinkle ExtractSource naturals: Vinpocetine 10 mg 120 tabs

Vinpocetine can be described as a derivative of periwinkle plant, a common vine-like evergreen ground cover. It has been planted in the gardens for several years now. Vinpocetine has a long history of utilization as a conventional tonic alleviating weariness, particularly the kind linked to old age among other uses.

The active ingredient of periwinkle plant that is useful in Vinpocetine includes vinblastine used in the cure of lymphonia. This is the only plant that is known to produce alkaloid, though in small quantities.

How vinpocetine works

Many scientific researches have discovered that vinpocetine is beneficial for the improvement and prevention of various types of ailments. It increases cognitive functions that include those involving short and long-term memory. It is also known to be vital in protecting visual, heart and hearing functions among others.

In a nutshell, vinpocetine is a potent memory enhancer. It succeeds in this aspect through facilitation of cerebral metabolism and improvement of blood flow into the brain. It performs this task through causing mild enlargement of blood vessels, thus permitting enhanced cerebral blood flow that gives rise to increased glucose utilization and oxygenation.

Apart from more effective brain circulation, it has also been discovered to enhance brain-cell energy by its part on production of ATP, the cellular energy molecule.

Benefits derived from vinpocetine

• Improve memory, both long and short-term

• It increases alertness, preparedness and awareness

• Act as neuroprotector

• Reverse or prevent damage to muscle, brain and liver

• Prevents senile cerebral dysfunction

How vipnocetine helps in improving memory

No studies have been performed particularly on thyroid patients using vinpocetine- who often complain about memory lapses and “brain fog.” Nevertheless, it is thought that lowered metabolism of hypothyroidism can reduce the blood flow into the brain, or reduce slightly brain metabolism that might account for both memory and cognitive-related symptoms. It has been discovered to increase the blood flow to the brain and brain metabolism of brain cell. Therefore, by allowing for more oxygen into the brain, it leads to the increase of brain-cell energy and it is the factor that is going to help someone suffering from hypothyroidism. It also contains an antioxidant property which particularly protects brain activities, helping in prevention of neural damage. It additionally keeps the mental concentration sharp, achievement of mental focus and better moods.

The debilitating results of ischemic stroke to the brain may be lowered by taking vinpocetine due to its vasodilatation effects. Dementia and brain impairment is less likely to happen after attack of ischemic when the circulation of blood within the brain is enhanced to promote nutrition and oxygen delivery.

The benefits of vinpocetine are exceptional for people suffering from cognitive problems among other health disorders. Memory impairments are possible threats to safety and life to these people. In order to restore their mental health to an optimum level, drugs like vinpocetine should be taken.

Because it is a compound that is extracted synthetically, it can only be found in daily multivitamins and food supplements. When using it for the first time, it is advisable to take 2-5 Mg of it with meals. This dosage might be increased to 40mg each day.