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The human body is the most delicate thing there is in the world. Just one wrong meal or pill can send the organs into total shut down. There are unfortunate people who have lost their lives because of carelessness, and lack of proper health watch out. The human body can be broken down easily by a cold, bacteria and other more serious illnesses and hence needs constant protection. The importance of a strong immune system is clearly underlined by many examples of people born with weak or non-existent immune systems, this condition is called immunodeficiency.

To keep from getting ill all the time and having a low guard on your delicate immune system, you need some supplements and vitamins, you need Zinc. Zinc has lot of importance in strengthening the immune system. You should know some of the conditions caused or that comes as a result of a poor immune system; allergies, cancer, ADD/ADHD, cough and flu, eye problems, arthritis, heartburn, sexual conditions, sleep disorders and depression just to mention a few.


Zinc taps brakes in one’s immune response

New medical research suggests that it helps to control the rate at which infections spread in one’s body by tapping the brakes on immune response carefully leading to prevention of out-of-control inflammation that’s very damaging to the body and as a result deadly. Protein lures the Zinc into cells that respond first against infection giving your body a fighting chance. It then interacts with a vital process to fight to keep the body free of infection balancing the immune response. According to this study, zinc is the most aggressive in helping the immune response to shut the infection down. For men, 15-30 mg of zinc is enough on a daily basis and 10-20 mg for women daily. The only time you can use more zinc temporarily is when correcting deficiency but this should be supplemented with 2-3 mg of copper and 5-10 mg of manganese.


The immune system can very easily spiral out of control like it happens when one develops sepsis (in response to a severe infection one’s body goes to overdrive and this might have fatal consequences) because on its own it might not be strong enough to fight off all the attacks in your body, Zinc is what keeps it from spiraling out of control and causing more complications to your body. The concept of how it helps in fighting off infections however is not yet clear; researchers have not been able to discover that. The same research has shown that zinc-deficiency might lead the body to excessive inflammation. All that has so far been discovered is that NF-kB (a protein) has somehow lured the zinc supplement inside the immune cells which responded the fastest to fighting infection. According to Dr. Daren Knoell, more is not always better since the immune system however helpful and seemingly powerful has to work only under strict balance. He said it can’t be determined yet if zinc can be used to treat sepsis.


The key functionalities of zinc

It functions in multitudes for amino acid metabolism and alcohol, energy production, protein digestion and the fight against free radicals damaging the body. For men, it supports their reproductive health and good prostate. Important in the development of sexuality in teenagers. Protection against toxic effects caused by chemical exposure to your body.