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Majority of people addicted to nicotine struggle to quit their smoking habit.  Concerned health experts are coming out strongly stating that the bane of modern living is not animal fat, salt, or cholesterol but sugar.  They are calling this the new nicotine.

How could something sweet and commonly found in a wide range of food be seemingly harmless and yet be toxic? Manufacturers are increasingly relying on sugar to boost the taste of most of their processed foods in order to increase their sales. However, this has negatively impacted the health of society and the increased rates of obesity and diabetes further prove that.  Experts are urging food manufacturers to cut back on their sugar levels.


Sugar Is Indeed Harmful

One of the most harmful properties of sugar is that it is addictive.  A single taste of sugar will definitely make you yearn for another and another taste resulting to an actual sugar binge.  The addictive side of sugar can clearly be seen in babies for example. When they taste sweet candy, they show signs of wanting more by reaching for it again, smiling with their eyes lighting up and even crying when the candy is taken away from them.  Majority of the population around the world is addicted to sugar and the sad thing is that not many notice this, since it is really difficult to avoid it.

Sugar is simply in most food products at supermarkets; its in sweets, bread, milk, cakes, puddings, cereals, drinks, ketchup, smoothies and so on. Even the foods that are classified as “healthy foods”, actually contain unhealthy levels of sugar.


The Negative Effects Of Sugar

Sugar could seriously hurt one’s immune system by triggering health conditions that can actually lead to death. Higher intake of sugar will increase the blood sugar levels which will in turn increase insulin levels.  Insulin will not only work on keeping the blood sugar low but it also plays a role in causing cancers.

Obesity as a result of high sugar intake also greatly contributes to cardiovascular problems by raising the levels of cholesterol.  Liver problems have also resulted as a result of very high sugar consumption.  This fully proves that sugar is actually no better than nicotine and that both are harmful to the body.  The proven side effects and health complications that arise from excessive sugar consumption should be enough for the public to take note and go for low-sugar foods instead, because sugar is indeed the new nicotine.