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The disappearance of healthy nutrients in food consumed by people of various cultures has played an important role in the dramatic and frightening increase in occurrence of diseases and suffering. The focus today is not on chemical based prescribed drugs whose ambit of side effect has begun showing through other ailments. In fact the world is today nurturing its hopes on nature providing the salve for many health related issues. Ancient recipes and formulas, sometimes centuries old, are providing succour to many.

Fermented tea has been consumed in many parts of the world for its therapeutic benefits by people of many civilizations and cultures. Kombucha is one of the finest examples of tea that has immense healing properties.

The Origin Of Kombucha

Michael Roussin’s incisive reseearch on kombucha tea is today considered the Bible for those in serach of greater details of this elixir of health. Its origins date back two thousand years to China where it was called,“the Tea of Immortality”. The name ‘kombucha’ was however used in Japan . When the word is split it stands for the name of the emperor, Kombu, who was treated by this tea, and ‘cha’ meaning tea. The spread of its usage to Europe happened in the medieval times.

The Process Of Kombucha Culture

It’s certainly not how you expect anything that is fermented to taste like, in fact, the tea has a plaesant flavouring and a golden colour to warm your senses. The tea is treated with ‘scoby ‘which is nothing but a culture of yeast and bacteria(‘scoby’ stands for an acronym for Simbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) and looks like a rubbery pancake . The scoby then needs to be placed either in green or black tea for it to ferment and convert the tea into one of the richest sources of enzymes, organic acids, vitamins and minerals .The drink could have become alcoholic because of the yeast in the scoby, but because of the bacteria and oxygen is present, it converts it into organic acids which has significant health benefits.

Contents Of Kombucha Tea

It’s impotant to focus on what the process does to a humble pint of tea. The kombucha culture delivers an overload of the most healthy organic acids and enzymes to you through a process anyone can initiate. The most useful ingredients that emerge as the end products are-glucuronic acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, malic acid, usnic acid , enzymes, probiotic micro organisms, amino acids and vitamin B and C. Above all,because the scoby thrives on caffeine it neutralizes half of it but leaving it high on anti-oxidants.

Kombucha’s Health Benefits

Kombucha has been around for centuries living not on the good faith of people but beacuse of the proven health benefits people have derived from it. Today with scientific and clinical tests we can quite easily break down the components in kombucha to study how each can benefit us.
The organic acids like Glucoronic acid is a potent detoxifier that flushes the kidneys. Toxins enetring our bodies by way of food that is affected by pesticides, herbicides and pollutants and resins are targeted in the liver and removed through the kidneys.

Glucoronic acid aids the production of glucosamines which reduces the effect of arthiritis helping in lubrication of the joints.
Gluconic acid also found in the tea has a significant effect on conditions such as thrush and candidiasis which is caused by an yeast infection.
Malic acid detoxifies the liver and oxalic acid preserves the inter-cellular structure.
Usnic acid and Vitamin C are few known retardants of a viral attack on the system. Butyric acid fights yeast infections and strengthens the walls of the gut.

In all drinking of kombucha tea in a specified quantity can benefit you by increasing your immunity, improving your digestive system and the body’s natural ability to detoxify, helps heighten metabolism in conjunction with the liver and digestive order as well as strengthens the circulatory system.
Kombucha tea with its sparkle of apple cider and the color ranging from a pale champagne yellow to a dark brown can surprise you with its rather pleasant taste and most of all help you put your faith back into the wisdom of our ancestors and their ability to get the best from nature.

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