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Potatoes the next superfood? Research reveals a host of health benefits that could sustain you for life

Potatoes have often been discounted as junk food and unhealthy to the diet. Starchy, white, and bland, they meet all the requirements of a food that it seems most experts would advise we avoid. However, new research has shown that potatoes can be a good replacement in the diet when displacing other foods, specifically meat. These researchers showed that when meat was replaced with potatoes and vegetables, subjects on average incurred fewer heart attacks and other medical issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Potatoes are often written off as unhealthy, since they're white and full of starch.
  • However, a recent study out of Scotland provides a viewpoint that runs counter to that position.
  • Researchers replaced meat in subjects' diets with potatoes and saw health benefits, including fewer heart attacks.

“According to the publishers of Potato – A basis for human nutrition and health benefits, they’ve uncovered compelling evidence that potatoes bring a host of previously unrecognized health benefits to their consumers, such as curbing dementia and heart attack.”

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