Stress [rate]

Stress has a domino effect to every individual. Even when someone thinks he is doing well with his job or his studies, there maybe things that are falling behind. It might be problems with relationships, finances or health issues. A person who is experiencing stress would find it hard to see the beauty around him. He may not appreciate what is left and most of the time, forgets who he is. This is why many advertisements tell us to cope with stress or handle it well before anything worse happens. The question is, how do you really handle it? There are those who drink alcohol, sleep more, party hard and take a vacation. Have you tried all of these and yet they are not working? Maybe it is time to use more simple means.


Kava Root

The root plant originates from the South Pacific Islands. Its name was given by an explorer, Captain Cook. Historians say that Kava means “intoxicating pepper.” The natives used Kava for therapeutic purposes, rituals and other special occasions. Through the years, it has been believed that Kava can relieve stress and anxiety, as well as aid in insomnia. Aside from these, Kava is now considered as an alcohol in the South Pacific Islands.

Kava Root

How does it work?

The kava-lactones in the root work well with the brain. It works with the other parts of the central nervous system to calm a person. The root is different from the usual relievers of stress. It reduces the possibility of slowing down especially when you are driving. With Kava, it does not give a big effect with your everyday routine, it still lets you remain active or at least have mental sharpness to execute your work. During sleep, it does not interfere with the process of REM or the deep sleep phase. Kava comes in the form of liquid solution, pill, powder and tea. The only thing you have to do is to choose the most comfortable form for your own use.


What to remember when using Kava

Avoid drinking alcohol once you used Kava since it will increase the numbing effect of the root. It should not also be combined with psychotropic medicines since they have almost the same benefits such as a mood stabilizer and antidepressant. Also, always consult your doctor before using such. Consulting a professional is important for you to avoid skin allergies. This is also to know the right amount of dosage you should take because excessive use of it may cause liver or kidney problems. Always remember to prioritize safety first. You might be relieving yourself from stress, but as a consequence another health problem may arise.


Other benefits of Kava

Aside from relieving anxiety and stress, Kava root is also beneficial for those who have epilepsy, migraines, psychosis, ADHD, depression, Chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches and common cold. Research says it is also helpful for tuberculosis, Urinary Tract Infections and muscle pain. It also aids in the prevention of cancer and can be utilized as mouthwash for toothaches and canker sores. In addition, it also heals wounds caused by skin diseases such as leprosy. Stress may lower the level of sex drive, but with Kava, it would be boosted significantly among women.

We do not need to suffer from stress all the time, there are healthy things to do to cope with it, and there are several medicines and plants to help relieve it. Stressed Out? Maybe Kava Root can help.