Can Fenugreek Aid In Reducing Blood Sugar?

Posted by on 30th September 2012
Blood Sugar Support [rate]

INTRODUCTION Fenugreek is a legume plant that can be found growing indigenously on the Mediterranean coast in Europe and its surrounding areas. The seed that is found in the fenugreek plant has a lot of medicinal properties in it, and due to this, the plant is usually cultivated for use as a herbal remedy in […]

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All the Good Things about Lavender Essential Oil

Posted by on 14th September 2012
Oils [rate]

Lavender Oil When talking about lavender, most people are referring to essential oil delivering various health benefits that can really affect the body. This purple plant is usually turned into essential oils that can be used for bath drops, massage oil, or simply as the regular oil applied on a certain part of the body […]

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What Does Nattokinase And serrapeptase Have In Common?

Posted by on 12th September 2012
Cardiovascular Support Cholesterol Control [rate]

 Nattokinase and serrapeptase Nattokinase is an enzyme that is extracted from a Japanese breakfast delicacy called natto. Natto is made from soy beans that have been fermented with bacteria called <i>bacillum natto</i> then boiled. Nattokinase is a natural blood thinner that reduces the blood’s ability to clot and is therefore useful for the treatment and […]

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What Is The Health Benefits Of Taking Phosphatidyl Choline?

Posted by on 07th September 2012
Antioxidants Brain Nutrition Cardiovascular Support Immune System [rate]

Phosphatidyl Choline Even though the human body can produce small quantities of mineral choline, humans must also consume mineral choline in their diet if they want to maintain good health. Most mineral choline in the body is stored in molecules called phospholipids. There are several types of phospholipids in the human body and phosphatidyl choline […]

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The health benefits of vitamin D

Posted by on 22nd August 2012
vitamins [rate]

Vitamin D For the body to function well, a person needs to take all types of food. This is because every food type has its unique function in the body. For example, even though there are many types of vitamins, you need to ensure that you take all of them in the required amounts so […]

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