Can High Fructose Corn Syrup Increase Cholesterol Risks?

Posted by on 01st October 2015
Cholesterol Control [rate]

Many men and women nowadays strive to maintain the correct balance of LDL (low density lipoprotein “bad cholesterol”) and HDL (high density lipoprotein “good cholesterol“) cholesterol in their bodies. This task is sometimes more difficult than it seems because there are ingredients in modern packaged foods that increase the risk of you developing cholesterol problems. […]

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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help Fight High Cholesterol?

Posted by on 12th September 2015
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High cholesterol can be a serious health problem. The high levels of cholesterol can pool up in your blood and cling to the artery walls as plaque. This can lead to blockage, increasing your risk of heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, there are many different ways to manage high cholesterol – but one particular course […]

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All Fats Are Not The Same!

Posted by on 27th July 2015
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Contrary to the popular belief that fats are bad for our bodies, we actually need fat for normal body function. A major concern that nutritionist and doctors are struggling with is taking more fats than you need. Fats have high cholesterol level and when you take more than your body needs, the excess calories add up making you an […]

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The Benefits of Beetroot juice for Detoxification

Posted by on 26th October 2012
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Beetroot juice is one of the natural drinks that have many health benefits. The juice is very beneficial to increase metabolism, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol, prevent anemia, increase energy, increase endurance, prevent cancer and remove toxins from the body. Benefits of beet juice for detoxification is closely related to the content of beets […]

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What Are the Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha?

Posted by on 13th October 2012
Antioxidants Herbs [rate]

Ashwaghanda From the ancient times to now, people are still trying to reach for traditional “Aurvedic” medicines.”Aurvedic medicine system” is born in South Asia region specially in India, and there are many precious herbal plants with various specious in that region. One of the best herbal plants is “Ashwaghanda”. Ashwaghanda is a small plant and […]

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Health benefits of Green tree extract

Posted by on 09th October 2012
Antioxidants Cholesterol Control Herbs [rate]

Green Tea Green tea originated from china, and is made solely made of cammelli sinensi plant that has undergone oxidation during its processing. Green tea is rich catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate abbreviated (EGCG) which is a strong antioxidant. Over the last few decades it has been told that drinking tea has health benefits, as […]

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Does Tart Cherry Help with Gout? How?

Posted by on 04th October 2012
Antioxidants Cholesterol Control Joint Pain [rate]

Tart Cherry Tart cherry, also known as sour cherry are generally used as ingredients in certain deserts. Tart cherry is also used as ingredients in other main dishes as well as salads and many other beverages. Cherry pie is one of the most important dishes that contains Tart cherry as the most significant ingredient. Amarelle […]

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Can Fenugreek Aid In Reducing Blood Sugar?

Posted by on 30th September 2012
Blood Sugar Support [rate]

INTRODUCTION Fenugreek is a legume plant that can be found growing indigenously on the Mediterranean coast in Europe and its surrounding areas. The seed that is found in the fenugreek plant has a lot of medicinal properties in it, and due to this, the plant is usually cultivated for use as a herbal remedy in […]

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What are the Health Benefits of the Herb Rose Hips?

Posted by on 23rd September 2012
Antioxidants Herbs [rate]

Rose Hips Rose hips are the red or orange fruits of the rose herb and are known as rose hep or rose haw in some places. Rose hips feted to have a lot of health benefits and have been primarily been used by the indigenous American people. The parts of the herb rose hip used […]

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Can Beta Sitosterol Help With Prostate And Cholesterol?

Posted by on 11th September 2012
Cardiovascular Support Cholesterol Control Prostate [rate]

Beta Sitosterol Beta Sitosterol is one of the plant sterols which virtually found in every vegetable to some extent. During the last decade, scientific studies have revealed the benefits of this substance making it a significant name for dealing with several health related issues. For High Cholesterol- As much as cholesterol is important for our […]

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