Are you over 40? Consider Glutamine Daily!

Posted by on 29th July 2013
Digestive Support Immune System [rate]

The amino acid l-glutamine is important for several functions in the body including the immune system.  Our digestive tract consumes over 70% of this amino acid before the rest of the body gets to use it.  At the age of 40 our production of glutamine significantly decreases.  to improve digestive and immune health over 40, […]

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Kombucha- Rediscovering The Wonders Of An Ancient Brew

Posted by on 20th November 2012
Health [rate]

The disappearance of healthy nutrients in food consumed by people of various cultures has played an important role in the dramatic and frightening increase in occurrence of diseases and suffering. The focus today is not on chemical based prescribed drugs whose ambit of side effect has begun showing through other ailments. In fact the world […]

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What Are the Health Benefits Of Mullein Leaves?

Posted by on 08th October 2012
Herbs [rate]

Mullein Mullein which is scientifically called Verbascum thapsus is a well known herbal medicine mostly used to treat problems on the respiratory system. Mullein has been used since ancient ages. It has other medicinal uses apart from being a cure for respiratory problems. It has various geographical names for example: Common Mullein, Great Mullein and […]

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What Is The Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Herb?

Posted by on 18th September 2012
Herbs [rate]

Lemon balm Lemon balm is scientifically known as Melissa officinalis. It was originally grown in Europe but is now grown in most parts of the world. It has been used in the past to maintain good health and to treat ill health. It has other uses for example cooking and garnishing but is more famous […]

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Can Beta Sitosterol Help With Prostate And Cholesterol?

Posted by on 11th September 2012
Cardiovascular Support Cholesterol Control Prostate [rate]

Beta Sitosterol Beta Sitosterol is one of the plant sterols which virtually found in every vegetable to some extent. During the last decade, scientific studies have revealed the benefits of this substance making it a significant name for dealing with several health related issues. For High Cholesterol- As much as cholesterol is important for our […]

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