Posted by on 16th March 2016
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No one can deny that cinnamon has a great advantage towards people in the world. Do you wonder why this is so? Well, this is simply a type of plant that is used in deterring germs and spicing food. Most people have it in their kitchens and it is the common household spice which is […]

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Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil

Posted by on 21st September 2015
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Argan oil is a natural oil extracted from nuts of the argan tree. The argan tree is mainly found in Morocco, though it also grows in Algeria and Israel. Due to the limited growing areas of this tree, the demand for the oil far outstrips the supply. In addition, the complicated extraction process limits the […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Argan Oil?

Posted by on 18th September 2015
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Argan oil is getting quite popular among people because of its numerous benefits. The uses of this oil have increased a lot recently. The use of this in beauty products is quite common. It helps in improving the skin as well as the quality of the hair. Along with all these, it also has some […]

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Hemp seeds and their health benefits

Posted by on 15th September 2015
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Hemp seed oil is a great source of nutrients that has long been used in Eastern culture. Hemp seed contain omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for growth and development, brain and heart function.   Below 5 are main benefits of hemp seeds:   1. Good for health Hemp seed contain […]

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Hazards of GMO Foods

Posted by on 28th August 2015
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Genetic modification of organisms took the world of science and agriculture by storm in the final years of the 20th century. The intended purpose was to rid different species of weakening genes and allow plants and animals to have a better chance of survival in harsh conditions.  The science of genetic modification has however been […]

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All About Vitamin B Complex Vitamins

Posted by on 21st November 2012
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What is vitamin-B complex? Vitamin B complex, earlier days it thought to be a one single vitamin, but now it is classified into twelve water soluble compounds. Four of them can be produced by the human body and include PABA (para aminobenzoic acid), inositol, lipoic acid and choline. The remaining 8 compounds are not produced […]

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Can Tart Cherry Extract Help Reduce Uric Acid?

Posted by on 07th October 2012
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Tart Cherry vs Uric Acid Tart cherry is one of the fruits that is rich in anti oxidants such as anthocyanins, polyphenols, and flavonoids. The fruit is rarely consumed in the fresh form because it tastes bitter. The fruit is usually consumed in processed form such as tart cherry extract, juice and more. Extracts of […]

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Vitamin Supplements Have Proven Positive Impact On Health

Posted by on 27th September 2012

How Does Licorice Root Herb Help Stomach Ulcers?

Posted by on 25th September 2012
Digestion [rate]

Licorice Root and its Benefits in Protecting the Stomach from Stomach Acid Stomach acid is released into the stomach when the food is being digested or during food consumption. The stomach contains parietal cells located in the stomach linings where this acid is released. Despite the benefits stomach acid has, its overproduction can cause health […]

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What Is The Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Herb?

Posted by on 18th September 2012
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Lemon balm Lemon balm is scientifically known as Melissa officinalis. It was originally grown in Europe but is now grown in most parts of the world. It has been used in the past to maintain good health and to treat ill health. It has other uses for example cooking and garnishing but is more famous […]

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