Depression, How To Combat It The Natural Way!

Posted by on 11th October 2015
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Depression is a feeling of intense sadness which is persistent, meaning, it can end up lasting longer than you expect it to. This can be weeks or months and sometimes without any apparent reason. Clinically known as the blues, it’s more than just a low mood with serious effects both mentally and physically. It is […]

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Sooth Seasonal Stress With Herbs

Posted by on 05th October 2015
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Seasonal stress and anxiety can have far reaching consequences on your health. Apart from inhibitindigestion, stress and anxiety has been found to increase high blood pressure exposing the victim to cardiac diseases including stroke and heart failure. In addition, stress has been found to increase the levels of cholesterol in blood through actions of noradrenaline […]

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Natural extracts for back pain

Posted by on 04th October 2015
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Back pain has become a big issue to most people around the globe. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain due to different causes. It is one of the reasons why some people miss to go for work. It often happens when something is amiss especially with the delicate column of ligaments, […]

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What Herbs Support Athletic Performance?

Posted by on 07th September 2015
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Don’t you think it would be great if Mother Nature provided you with herbs that increases your testosterone levels, improve your sex life, increase your athletics performance and also post your manly vitality exponentially? Fortunately, we have good news. The herbs are Cordyceps, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus. These herbs are among the most misunderstood on […]

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What Herbs Improve Kidney Function?

Posted by on 03rd September 2015
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Kidneys are among the most important parts of human body which are responsible for balancing its fluids, creating urine and clearing out wastes of the body along with a number of other important functions for internal cleansing.  Everyday your kidneys filter lots of waste water and other products by processing blood to excrete them in […]

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Top Herbs for an Energy Boost

Posted by on 22nd August 2015
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Go Longer! Stay stronger!  Sometimes it is difficult for us to achieve a life-energy balance.  The herbs listed below will give you that extra boost that you need to push you through the day.  They give you sustained energy and allow your mind to gain vitality that allows you to think freely without straining or […]

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Top 6 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

Posted by on 03rd August 2015
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Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injuries or infections.  Inflammation typically causes redness, heat or swelling, and it can also cause loss of function to the affected tissue. The two types of inflammation are acute and chronic.  Acute inflammation is a protective mechanism and is designed to heal the body and restore it to […]

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Korean ginseng Health Benefits

Posted by on 21st July 2015
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Korean ginseng is among perennial plants which have slow growing rates and are usually used as herbs. The plant belong Araliaceae family, Panax genus and is characterized with freshly roots. Ginseng was first discovered in Vietnam and was later availed in countries like eastern Siberia, Bhutan, northeastern China and most importantly, Korea. Actually, the plant […]

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5 Herbs To Help Fight Allergies

Posted by on 18th July 2015
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Allergies occur when the immune system overreacts to a normally harmless substance, such as pollen. There are a number of allergies like food allergy, indoor allergy, skin allergy, outdoor allergy, chemical allergy, nasal allergy canine allergy, common allergy, seasonal allergy, hay fever, drug allergy, eye allergy and many more.  The food you eat can boost your immune system […]

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