Top Supplements that will Stop Inflammation from Destroying Your Body

Posted by on 16th September 2015
Immune System [rate]

Inflammation is simply the natural response of the body to infection or tissue injury.  It is a good response by the immune system because it is protective.  However, it can destroy the body if it becomes chronic or when the body continues to attack what is considered as invaders. Prolonged inflammation leads to or increases […]

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Kombucha- Rediscovering The Wonders Of An Ancient Brew

Posted by on 20th November 2012
Health [rate]

The disappearance of healthy nutrients in food consumed by people of various cultures has played an important role in the dramatic and frightening increase in occurrence of diseases and suffering. The focus today is not on chemical based prescribed drugs whose ambit of side effect has begun showing through other ailments. In fact the world […]

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What Are the Health Benefits Of Mullein Leaves?

Posted by on 08th October 2012
Herbs [rate]

Mullein Mullein which is scientifically called Verbascum thapsus is a well known herbal medicine mostly used to treat problems on the respiratory system. Mullein has been used since ancient ages. It has other medicinal uses apart from being a cure for respiratory problems. It has various geographical names for example: Common Mullein, Great Mullein and […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Uva Ursi?

Posted by on 02nd October 2012
Herbs [rate]

Uva Ursi There are various disorders and infections that have been found to be cured effectively using uva ursi. The real botanical name of this plant is Arctostaphylos uva-ursi but it is also known as bearberry. This plant has been used as medicine for many years especially in N.America and Europe. The leaf extracts of […]

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Discover more about Panax ginseng

Posted by on 25th September 2012
Herbs Immune System [rate]

Panax Ginseng Panax ginseng is simply a plant whose roots are used in making medicine. It is can also be referred to as Asian ginseng or Korean ginseng. The major active components are ginsenosides and it’s known to have a multiplicity of beneficial effects. The roots are light tan in color and mostly take the […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of The Herb Relora?

Posted by on 19th September 2012
Herbs Stress [rate]

Relora And Stress Relora is a commercially manufactured non sedative herbal stress relief formula which is derived from magnolia officinalis and phellodendron amurense. These herbs are known to normalize stress hormones. Relora acts as an anti-oxidant and supports those with food cravings, irritability,aches, insomnia,concentration difficulties, tense muscles, restlessness etc. Components: Magnolia officinalis: It is a […]

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Quercetin and Allergies: How the Substance Can Alleviate the Issue?

Posted by on 17th September 2012
Allergies [rate]

Quercetin And Allergies Quercetin is basically a natural substance that is often found in foods and drinks, such as grapes, tea, berries, red wine, onions, and apples. It is considered as the plant pigment within flavonoid classification. Flavonoid itself is a special antioxidant that can improve one’s immune system and prevent early aging symptoms. The […]

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Can Echinacea Help Strengthen The Immune System?

Posted by on 12th September 2012
Immune System [rate]

Immune Boosting Capability of Echinacea This is a perennial herb native to Northern America. It is characterized by a conical seed head with spines similar to those of an angry hedgehog and during blossom it has single pink or purple flower. The plant has been used for a long time by ancient indians in the […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of DIM – Diindolylmethane?

Posted by on 10th September 2012
Antioxidants [rate]

diindolylmethane – (DIM) DIM, or diindolylmethane, is a phytochemical indole found abundantly in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts. Though it was only discovered two decades ago about the health benefit of broccoli when it was added to the diet of animal test subjects. Later the actual vegetable was replaced with […]

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Health Benefits Of Garlic

Posted by on 04th September 2012
Antioxidants Brain Nutrition Cardiovascular Support Immune System [rate]

Garlic Garlic consumption is well known to be of great beneficial for the human health. It is popularly used as spice in very many culinary dishes. Generally, it is liked due to the aroma and flavor it adds to different dishes. Some individuals even enjoy having the raw garlic cloves, without considering its horrible odor […]

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