Is Tea tree Oil Good For Face Cleansing?

Posted by on 18th August 2015
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Have you heard of tea tree oil?  When it comes to cleansing your face, a lot of magazines, articles, and blogs mention that you can use tea tree oil as an effective cleanser and more.  Much is made of the beneficial properties of tea tree oil for the skin, but what does it actually do? […]

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Can vitamin E help heal a cut on the skin?

Posted by on 29th July 2015
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Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant that is responsible for maintaining skin health and it’s mostly used as ingredient in manufacturing cosmetics and skin products.  Vitamin E supplements can be applied topically and taken internally for skin protection.  It comes in various forms of cream, oil, or ointment where it absorbs energy from ultraviolet […]

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What Are The Health Benefits Of PABA?

Posted by on 18th November 2012
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PABA PABA is one of the vitamins classified as a B complex vitamins. Every human body produces this vital b vitamin. At the same time, there are certain food items, which are rich in PABA. Food Source If someone is looking for external source of PABA, then he or she could go for foods like […]

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Health Benefits of Astaxanthin

Posted by on 06th November 2012
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Astaxanthin Astaxanthin is a kind of Carotenoid belongs to the xanthophyll family (yellow color pigments). It is soluble in the lipids.Its mainly found in the yeast, micro algae, salmon, shrimp and crayfish. The benefits of taking Astaxanthin are listed below: 1) It is used to boost up the immune system of the human body. 2) […]

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Can Fenugreek Aid In Reducing Blood Sugar?

Posted by on 30th September 2012
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INTRODUCTION Fenugreek is a legume plant that can be found growing indigenously on the Mediterranean coast in Europe and its surrounding areas. The seed that is found in the fenugreek plant has a lot of medicinal properties in it, and due to this, the plant is usually cultivated for use as a herbal remedy in […]

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Discover more about Panax ginseng

Posted by on 25th September 2012
Herbs Immune System [rate]

Panax Ginseng Panax ginseng is simply a plant whose roots are used in making medicine. It is can also be referred to as Asian ginseng or Korean ginseng. The major active components are ginsenosides and it’s known to have a multiplicity of beneficial effects. The roots are light tan in color and mostly take the […]

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The Health Benefits Of Marshmallow Root Herb

Posted by on 20th September 2012
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Marshmallow Root Marshmallow (althea officinalis) is one of the native plants of Europe and currently has spread across the Africa, Asia and America. This plant thrives in dark swamps and salt. Marshmallow root has long been used in traditional medicine by Arab society, ancient Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, and other Asian communities. The plant is rich […]

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All the Good Things about Lavender Essential Oil

Posted by on 14th September 2012
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Lavender Oil When talking about lavender, most people are referring to essential oil delivering various health benefits that can really affect the body. This purple plant is usually turned into essential oils that can be used for bath drops, massage oil, or simply as the regular oil applied on a certain part of the body […]

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Can Echinacea Help Strengthen The Immune System?

Posted by on 12th September 2012
Immune System [rate]

Immune Boosting Capability of Echinacea This is a perennial herb native to Northern America. It is characterized by a conical seed head with spines similar to those of an angry hedgehog and during blossom it has single pink or purple flower. The plant has been used for a long time by ancient indians in the […]

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