Revealed: Importance Of Sleep, Causes Of Sleeping Problems, And How Melatonin Works To Improve Sleep

Posted by on 23rd September 2015
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Importance of sleep Sleep plays a vital role in well-being and good health throughout your life. Getting not only enough but quality sleep at the right times can help protect your physical health, mental health, safety, and quality of life. How you feel while you are awake depends largely on what happens while you are […]

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Can Kids Benefit from Melatonin?

Posted by on 20th September 2015
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Kids are required to acquire adequate amount of high quality sleep every day because it plays a vital role in the development of their brain. Sleep is a natural method of boosting the physical, emotional, mental and cognitive health and wellness in children. It is capable of increasing the brainpower as well as in calming […]

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Does Exercise Help Me Sleep?

Posted by on 23rd July 2015
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Sleep is vital to your health.  If you are not getting enough of it, your mind and body may fail to function properly.  If you have a sleeping disorder, there are chances that you spend most of your time doing nothing.  What does this mean? You aren’t giving your body the exercise it needs. The […]

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What Does Melatonin Do?

Posted by on 12th October 2012
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Melatonin and its health benefits Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland which is located on the brain. Its production decreases as one advances in age. Its main function is to help the body maintain its natural rhythm and cycle. One of the most popular uses of melatonin is to help in the […]

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All the Good Things about Lavender Essential Oil

Posted by on 14th September 2012
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Lavender Oil When talking about lavender, most people are referring to essential oil delivering various health benefits that can really affect the body. This purple plant is usually turned into essential oils that can be used for bath drops, massage oil, or simply as the regular oil applied on a certain part of the body […]

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Cordyceps and its Health Benefits

Posted by on 06th September 2012
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Cordyceps Mushroom Cordyceps is powerful medicinal mushroom that has many beneficial effects on our body. It improves immunity, general strength, better organ functionality and also acts as a powerful antioxidant. These small medicinal herbs originate from southwestern parts of China, Nepal, Tibet and high altitude areas of Himalayas. This powerful medicinal herb is extensively used […]

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