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Drinking a cup of tea each day boost your mood. The reason is caffeine and theanine. Surprisingly drinking tea in tea bags is preferred instead of the loose tea. The reason is because the tea bags contain more theanine then the loose tea. The bags contain more stems which is where the most concentrated teanine is located. So there is a sacrifice of flavor verses benefit to consider. Do not shake your cup because it releases more tannins. Though I never thought that was ever done in the first place.

Key Takeaways:

  • A university ran a study where it judged the creative capacity of individuals who had or had not consumed black tea.
  • The result of the study showed that the tea drinkers performed at a level of close to 10% higher than those consuming water.
  • In order to leverage the benefits of tea, readers should make sure to choose the right kind of tea and brew it properly.

“Researchers from Peking University have discovered that this beloved hot beverage can improve mood and enhance cognitive function, thus impacting creativity.”

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