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Biotin Benefits

Hair loss has become a major concern among a good number of people. Does biotin improve hair growth? This question generates great interest and most people, who have experimented with biotin, answer in the affirmative.

Biotin is also known as vitamin B-7 and some of the foods that contain biotin are given below:

  1. Oatmeal
  2.  Cucumber
  3.  Nuts
  4.  Beans
  5.  Oysters
  6.  Breads
  7.  Meat
  8.  Cauliflower
  9.  Fish
  10.  Legumes
  11.  Whole grains
  12.  Dairy products
  13.  Peanut butter
  14.  Egg

This vitamin influences the cell growth and metabolic reactions in a positive manner. Other major contributions of biotin include maintaining blood sugar levels and releasing energy from food and all these aspects make biotin an indispensable vitamin for the smooth functioning of the human body.

The real ‘hair food’

Various studies have clearly shown that different organs like hair, skin and nails will get benefitted immensely with the consumption of biotin supplements. Increased rate of hair growth becomes a reality with the daily consumption of biotin and that is why experts address it with different names like ‘hair food’ and ‘hair vitamin’. You have to be really consistent with the daily intake of this vitamin to achieve the desired results and expecting overnight results will make you feel disappointed as well. It a gradual process and you will have to wait for at least a month for better results. If you also want to increase your eyelash growth biotin is the best option available.

How does biotin function?

Your metabolic level will have to be kept elated for the proper health of hair and biotin will get engaged in the process of boosting your metabolic rate. The elasticity of your hair follicles will improve considerably and the problem of dryness can be averted with the regular intake of this water-soluble vitamin. The elasticity of the hair cortex will also undergo tremendous amount of transformation and the breakage of the hair will be reduced to a great extent. When the breakage gets reduced your hair will start grow in the proper manner to become healthier and thicker. All these aspects will improve the cell growth and it can be said that the hair quality will be at its best with the regular consumption of biotin.


Various manufacturers have come up with different types of biotin supplements and it is always advisable to seek the help of a medical practitioner to have a better idea about the dosage. There are biotin enriched shampoos and conditioners available in the market and you will have to make a good research before arriving at a conclusion about the best product available. Various online reviews of the existing users of biotin will help you to identify the best supplement and you can also collect valuable information from other sources like family and friends before making any decision. This vitamin does not invite any side effects and on the other hand, it will make your hair more thick by addressing all the issues that prevent the hair growth. It can be said without any doubt that biotin supplements have become a great craze among people because of the huge benefits attached with them.