Thyroid [rate]

Iodine is classified among trace elements, which means that we don’t need a lot of it in order for our body systems to function properly, but we still need it. Our bodies do not make it naturally, and we have to get it from external sources. Running low on this useful element leads to iodine deficiency. This implies that you will be unable to enjoy the following health benefits of iodine, as well as exposing yourself to a number of diseases.




The following are these benefits:

  • Improves metabolic rates through balancing hormones

This element influences the functioning of your thyroid glands through assisting in the production and balancing of hormones. Hormones are responsible for the control of the BMR (base metabolic rate). Metabolic rates affect the efficacy and efficiency of almost all the body’s regular processes and organ systems, including sleep cycles and digestion. Certain hormones, such as triodothyronine and thyroxin, influence body weight, temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. Ensuring the normal production and distribution of these hormones is therefore very important in maintaining a good health, and hence the need to maintain a healthy iodine level.

  • Strengthens the immune system

The thyroid gland is a key organ that is actively involved in the fight against foreign disease causing elements and hence it should always be healthy. Unfortunately, we are always bombarded by lifestyles, products, drinks and foods that expose the thyroid to free radicals that can damage it. Maintaining the right amount of iodine protects the thyroid from these radicals.

Iodine also stimulates the production of antioxidants that serves as a reliable defensive measure against diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

  • Helps in detoxification

The element also helps in flushing out dangerous chemicals such as lead, mercury, fluorine and other biological toxins. Most of these toxins accumulate in your body over time, and only the right amount of iodine can help in getting rid of them.


  • Relieves menopause

Without enough sources of iodine, your thyroid gland cannot produce thyroid hormones. Low levels of the element often results in certain symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, depression, low sex drive and mental fuzziness. All these symptoms are experienced by women when they reach menopause and hence maintaining an adequate level of iodine will help ease the common discomforts of menopause.

  • Maintaining high energy levels

Iodine is also actively involved in maintaining high energy levels through ensuring efficient utilization of calories and ensuring that they are not stored in form of fats.


Iodine has a number of health benefits ranging from helping in detoxification to balancing of body hormones. However, it is important to note that its overdose (more than 2,000 mg) can be very dangerous, especially to people suffering from tuberculosis and kidney ailments. Its overdose can also lead to thyroid papillary cancer, instead of protecting against it. Nursing mothers and pregnant women should only take the element in prescribed doses.

Different people will react to this element differently, and it is therefore very important that you be very careful and observant. Too much of anything is poisonous.