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Various scientific studies have already proven that iodine is a very important mineral for our bodies. The lack of iodine can cause serious complications. That is why doctors tell their patients that they must do everything they can just to maintain the high levels of iodine in their bodies.


Below is the list of the most important benefits of iodine.

  • It can improve your heart and cholesterol level.

Dr. Stephen Hoption, a very famous doctor, stated that iodine deficiency can cause deleterious effects to one’s cardiovascular system. Consequently, a higher level of iodine in a person’s body can greatly benefit the heart. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism caused negative effects to the heart. The features of hypothyroidism include reduced cardiac output, bradycardia, increased pleural and pericardial effusions, peripheral vasoconstriction and increased diastolic blood pressure. The scariest feature of hypothyroidism is the diastolic blood pressure which is also caused by high cholesterol level. Fortunately, iodine can improve your cholesterol level. Your cholesterol level will improve because iodine will stabilize your heart rhythm, lower your blood pressure, lower your serum cholesterol and make your blood thinner.

  • It can improve your thyroid function.

Fast metabolism is just one of the benefits of having an improved thyroid function. Burton Goldberg in his work ‘Alternative Medicine’ stated that a not so active thyroid gland will make your metabolism slow. If your metabolism is slow, you can get serious complications in the future. Also, the other functions of the other glands will not be executed properly since the thyroid gland will negatively affect them. Without the sufficient amount of iodine in your body, your thyroid gland will not function well. Also, hypothyroidism can be caused by a not functioning thyroid gland. Experts said that today’s modern diet is the major cause of insufficient supply of iodine. People must be able to have meals with high levels of iodine for them to have an improved thyroid gland. An improved thyroid gland can improve your metabolism as well as the functions of other glands.

  • It can help you lose weight.

Since iodine can improve the metabolism of your body, it can also help in making you have lose weight. Through fast metabolism, you will be able to dramatically burn high amount of calories. You will also feel energized because of the high amount of iodine in your body. Your body will quickly get rid of excess weight in your waist, thigh and hips. Water retention, which can make you weigh higher, will also be prevented. Obese individuals who have tried ways to increase the iodine in their bodies reported very good results. They said that they felt much better than before after increasing their iodine level. Their blood pressure also went down and their bodies became sexier and fitter. Also, their skin condition improved. After weeks of iodine intake, their skin became soft and vibrant. They are really grateful for the good results that they experienced.


Indeed, iodine offers a lot of important benefits. That is why doctors are saying that our diet must have sufficient amount of iodine so that we can gain all the benefits that iodine can give. So from now on, make sure that your diet has high levels of iodine for you to get a healthier and sexier body.