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Thanksgiving dinner is a delicious feast that typically gives you way more calories and nutrients than you need in a typical day. The problem is eating that much will cause problems with the body. The usual suspects is turkey but oddly that is probably one of the better items. It does contain tryptophan but not enough to cause sleepiness. The actual problem is the carbs: stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and more. All the carbs spike your blood sugar followed by a crash. You’re done because of that and blame it on poor Tom Turkey

Key Takeaways:

  • All meats have as much l-trytophan as turkey, and it won’t make you sleepy if you don’t have carbs with it.
  • Green bean casserole has a lot of fat from the cream soup, and it’s healthier to eat plain green beans which contain healthy protein and vitamins.
  • Eating pie keeps your brain from getting the “full” signal that proteins provide.

“Mmm, pie. A sweet ending to a happy holiday, but what happens inside your brain after eating such large quantities of sugar?”

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